‘S­trict­ly co­me dan­cing’ rai­ses funds for sports a­ca­de­my

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The Sports A­ca­de­my Ge­or­ge held their an­nu­al S­trict­ly Co­me Dan­cing the­med fun­drai­ser at the Ci­vic Cen­t­re on F­ri­day 4 May. Ten lo­cal cou­ples com­pe­ted to rai­se funds for the non­pro­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on (NPO), which u­ses s­port to rai­se up le­a­ders. The cou­ples from Ge­or­ge re­cei­ved dan­ce les­sons from two lo­cal dan­ce schools for 10 weeks - Ou­te­ni­qua Dan­ce A­ca­de­my and A­lex­an­der A­ca­de­my of Dan­ce.

Each cou­ple was taug­ht a bal­l­room or La­tin dan­ce rou­ti­ne to per­form du­ring a ga­la din­ner. The au­dien­ce vo­ted for their fa­vou­ri­tes by do­na­ting to Sports A­ca­de­my.

The cou­ples that rai­sed the most funds dan­ced a­gain in the fi­nal and the win­ner was cho­sen by the jud­ging pa­nel, which con­sis­ted this y­e­ar of Lin­da John­son, a dan­ce te­a­cher from York High, Tar­ryn Hamp­son of last y­e­ar's win­ning cou­ple, and Wil­li­am Con­sta­ble, the dan­ce te­a­cher at Ge­or­ge High.

It was a fun e­vent with plen­ty of glitz and gla­mour.

Sports A­ca­de­my Ge­or­ge is de­lig­h­ted with the in­cre­di­ble re­spon­se to the e­ve­ning and ge­ne­rous do­na­ti­ons to the cha­ri­ty.

Di­rec­tor of the a­ca­de­my, Way­ne M­cA­fee, said, "We are so gra­te­ful to the pe­op­le of Ge­or­ge for get­ting be­hind Sports A­ca­de­my and our ef­fort to trans­form young li­ves in this re­gi­on".

The win­ning cou­ple dan­cing the Vie­nes­se waltz, Ro­ger and A­man­da Jou­bert. The­se gla­mo­rous cou­ples per­for­med at the ga­la din­ner.

I­meul and Car­li­ze Ear­le do the Ar­gen­ti­ne tan­go.

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