Le­on Dorf­ling re­mem­be­red

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Le­on Dorf­ling (77), ma­yor of the t­hen E­den Dis­trict Coun­cil du­ring 2010 and 2011, pas­sed a­way in the e­ar­ly hours of Mon­day 22 Oc­to­ber.

His child­ren Li­aan Dorf­ling, Na­dia Ver­maak and Zin­zan Dorf­ling is­su­ed the fol­lo­wing tri­bu­te to their fat­her:

“To a fat­her that will be mis­sed... We as Le­on Dorf­ling’s child­ren ha­ve found pe­a­ce in this ti­me of hards­hip and loss, kno­wing that we had a lo­ving fat­her who al­ways had our best in­ten­ti­ons at he­art. Our fat­her was a man of his own o­pi­ni­on and had com­pas­si­on for tho­se suf­fe­ring in­jus­ti­ce.

“He be­lie­ved in the prin­ci­ple of so­wing and re­a­ping, kno­wing that with hard work and de­ter­mi­na­ti­on one can ac­com­plish a­ny­thing. We, the child­ren, are left with the re­spon­si­bi­li­ty to ma­ke a success of the bles­sing that he left us and we will do so foun­ded in rig­h­te­ous­ness, pe­a­ce and lo­ve.

“We ce­le­bra­te the good ti­mes we shared as a fa­mi­ly and we ap­pre­ci­a­te the lo­ve and sup­port from the E­den com­mu­ni­ty. We lo­ve our fat­her and will con­ti­nue doing so.”

Dr An­dy La­mont, a friend and col­le­a­gue who ser­ved as an ad­vis­or in the of­fi­ce of the exe­cu­ti­ve ma­yor du­ring Dorf­ling’s term of of­fi­ce des­cri­bed him as a strict dis­ci­pli­na­ri­an who wa­sn’t sca­red to con­front practi­ces and po­li­cies that he dee­med in­ap­pro­pri­a­te. He was a de­fen­der of le­gis­la­ti­on.

La­mont said Dorf­ling of­ten con­fi­ded in him and his pet gripe was que­s­ti­o­ning why it took so long for low-cost housing

Our fat­her was a man of his own o­pi­ni­on and had com­pas­si­on for tho­se suf­fe­ring in­jus­ti­ce.

for the poor to co­me on stre­am.

Du­ring the 2010 Fi­fa Wor­ld Cup in South A­fri­ca, Dorf­ling ma­na­ged to se­cu­re Ja­pan, Den­mark and Fran­ce to set up their practi­ce ba­ses in the Gar­den Rou­te.

ANC chief whip of the dis­trict coun­cil, Cl­lr Piet van der Ho­ven, said that he ser­ved on the E­den Dis­trict Coun­cil ma­yo­ral com­mit­tee du­ring Dorf­ling’s term as ma­yor.

“We wor­ked well to­get­her for tho­se few mont­hs. I wish to send my con­do­len­ces to his fa­mi­ly and lo­ved on­es.”

Fu­ne­ral ar­ran­ge­ments we­re not a­vai­la­ble at the ti­me of going to print.

Le­on Dorf­ling

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