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The Ge­or­ge Traf­fic De­part­ment held its an­nu­al Dri­ver of the Y­e­ar com­pe­ti­ti­on, which see­ks to rai­se a­wa­re­ness on ro­ad sa­fe­ty, at E­den Me­an­der Li­fe­sty­le Cen­t­re last Sa­tur­day, 21 Oc­to­ber.

The com­pe­ti­ti­on is or­ga­ni­sed by the

Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty to pro­mo­te re­spon­si­ble dri­ving and de­ve­lop skills. Dri­vers from lo­cal dis­tri­bu­ti­on com­pa­nies, lo­cal and long dis­tan­ce bu­ses, ar­ti­cu­la­ted vehi­cles, vans, ri­gid trucks, ri­gid dra­w­bar vehi­cles and mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty vehi­cles com­pe­ted for the first pri­ze. Dri­vers we­re jud­ged by their skill in ma­noeu­vring through ob­sta­cles and points we­re al­so al­lo­ca­ted ba­sed on in­specti­on and ro­ad tes­ts. The win­ner of e­ach ca­te­go­ry re­cei­ved a trop­hy, and the o­ver­all first to thi­rd-pla­ce win­ners re­cei­ved cash pri­zes. Eig­hty-fi­ve dri­vers took part in fi­ve ca­te­go­ries.

Sol­ly Gys­man, a Ge­or­ge mu­ni­ci­pal fi­re­fig­h­ter who com­pe­ted in the ar­ti­cu­la­ted vehi­cles ca­te­go­ry, scoop­ed the tit­le of o­ver­all cham­pi­on, ha­ving e­ar­ned the most points. An­toon Min­nie of MTO in the ca­te­go­ry for bus dri­vers was se­cond and Ger­rit

Jan­sen of Mo­re­ki So­lu­ti­ons, com­pe­ting in the ca­te­go­ry for vans (LDV), clai­med the thi­rd o­ver­all pri­ze. The ot­her two ca­te­go­ry win­ners we­re Ri­car­do Cun­ning­ham of At­lan­tic Oil in the ri­gid dra­w­bar ca­te­go­ry and Vu­sum­zi Ga­qa­vu of In­ter­was­te in the ri­gid truck ca­te­go­ry.

Con­g­ra­tu­la­ting the win­ners of the e­vent and than­king e­ver­yo­ne who par­ti­ci­pa­ted, Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty

Traf­fic Chief Do­no­van Sap­toe said this com­pe­ti­ti­on is a proud tra­di­ti­on a­mong dri­vers and is se­ri­ous­ly con­te­sted e­ach y­e­ar.

“Pe­op­le of­ten un­de­res­ti­ma­te the skills that are in­vol­ved in dri­ving lar­ge vehi­cles - the win­ners in the­se ca­te­go­ries are tru­ly mas­ters of their tra­de. We are es­pe­ci­al­ly proud this y­e­ar be­cau­se the o­ver­all win­ner is one of our own. Ro­ad sa­fe­ty is very im­por­tant to the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty and this com­pe­ti­ti­on is an i­de­al op­por­tu­ni­ty to en­coura­ge re­spon­si­ble dri­ving, de­ve­lop skills and pro­mo­te ro­ad sa­fe­ty. This y­e­ar we ex­ten­ded the go­al to our s­pec­ta­tors and in­tro­du­ced a kid­dies a­rea w­he­re child­ren could ri­de bi­cy­cles and tri­cy­cles on ro­ad sa­fe­ty mats and co­lour in whi­le le­ar­ning a­bout ro­ad sa­fe­ty at the sa­me ti­me,” said Sap­toe.

The e­vent was al­so a fun fa­mi­ly oc­ca­si­on which of­fe­red mem­bers of the pu­blic the op­por­tu­ni­ty to put on “drun­ken gog­gles” and t­hen try wal­king in a straig­ht li­ne. Mi­micking the ef­fects of al­co­hol on one’s sig­ht, mo­bi­li­ty and

See mo­re p­ho­tos and a vi­deo at­or­ge­he­ Dri­vers ma­king their way through an ob­sta­cle cour­se. P­ho­to: Zo­la­ni Sinxo

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