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Stu­dents from the Nel­son Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty do­na­ted thir­ty new wooden beds to the Bet­hes­da C­hild and Youth Ca­re Cen­t­re on F­ri­day 19 Oc­to­ber as part of their com­mu­ni­ty pro­ject of re­a­ching out to the needy.

This pro­ject is a brai­n­child of the stu­dent Society for Sus­tai­na­ble Tim­ber Ma­na­ge­ment (Sys­tim). Mo­re than 35 stu­dents from the society wor­ked in their f­ree ti­me to as­sem­ble the beds which are ma­de of lo­cal­ly sour­ced pi­ne wood. The re­ci­pients of the beds are Bet­hes­da child­ren a­ged 4 to 18.

The pro­ject was ma­de pos­si­ble by the ge­ne­rous con­tri­bu­ti­on and sup­port of

MTO and SANParks who pro­vi­ded techni­cal, fi­nan­ci­al and lo­gis­ti­cal sup­port to ma­ke it a success.

SANParks em­ploy­ees al­so u­sed their spa­re ti­me to help pro­cess the wood and train stu­dents to as­sem­ble the beds.

Ac­cor­ding to A­let van Ton­der, ma­na­ger of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons at the Nel­son

Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty, Sys­tim is a­bout u­sing the stu­dents’ ex­is­ting skills to ser­ve the com­mu­ni­ty, to fa­ci­li­ta­te enga­ge­ment and cul­ti­va­te an in­te­racti­ve cul­tu­re a­mong the mem­bers of the stu­dent com­mu­ni­ty.

Sys­tim chai­r­per­son Li­sak­ha­nya N­do­vela, a mas­ters stu­dent in Wood Techno­lo­gy at the u­ni­ver­si­ty and a pi­o­neer of the pro­ject, said the society and the stu­dents in­vol­ved in the pro­ject saw this as an i­de­al op­por­tu­ni­ty to tan­gi­bly de­mon­stra­te the u­plif­ting of Man­de­la’s et­hos and va­lu­es that the u­ni­ver­si­ty em­bra­ces.

“As stu­dents of a u­ni­ver­si­ty that as­pi­res to nur­tu­re ta­lent, we re­a­li­sed that a litt­le sup­port or en­coura­ge­ment can ma­ke a las­ting po­si­ti­ve im­pres­si­on in the li­ves of the child­ren who call Bet­hes­da their ho­me.

“We are de­lig­h­ted at the pro­spect of the child­ren ha­ving brand-new beds to sleep in.

“Cer­tain­ly, it was con­structed with lo­ve and we ho­pe that this do­na­ti­on will con­tri­bu­te to the qua­li­ty of their li­ves and well-being,” said N­do­vela.

The re­ci­pients try out their new beds.

S­ta­ke­hol­ders to­get­her with the NMU stu­dents who ha­ve ma­de this pro­ject a re­a­li­ty.

Stan­ding, from left: Da­vid A­lex­an­der, (acting cam­pus prin­ci­pal, NMU), Nan­dipha Pu­pu­ma (MTO), S­ha­ron Xi­pu (SANParks), Se­fo­ko Ra­mos­ha­ba (NMU), Ela­ni de Vrye (Bet­hes­da) and Car­lo de Kock (SANParks). Lying on the bed are Li­sak­ha­nya N­do­vela, (NMU) and Ri­chard Mil­ler (NMU).

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