Getaway (South Africa) - - Escape - Tyson Jop­son

The Navara be­gan its climb, slowly. It’s an adept ma­chine and a great 4x4 but its driver hadn’t ap­plied ‘Full speed’ and, half­way up, it ground to a halt, wheels churn­ing a shal­low grave of shame. Jakkals was back on the ra­dio, ‘Ja nee, Navara. Ek’t gesê “Full speed” hoor.’ Trust: when Jakkals says ‘Full speed’ you go full speed. Jakkals is the kind of per­son who means what he says and there’s no time for half-ar­s­ing in the desert. Re­verse en­gaged, the Navara slunk back to the foot of the dune, where its driver could safely re-eval­u­ate his faith. Next up was the Toy­ota Hilux – Leg­end edi­tion. ‘Toy­ota, kom.’ And boy did that Toy­ota come. You didn’t need to be in the ve­hi­cle to know that the pedal was be­ing pressed so far into the floor, if the driver had ap­plied any more force it would have turned into a scene from The Flint­stones. It cruised over the Navara’s grave site like a hov­er­craft. And then it hap­pened: the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen in a desert. That bloody Leg­end crested the top of the dune with such pace that it took off. It was beautiful, and sem­i­nal, like watch­ing an ath­lete shat­ter a world record or the Cu­rios­ity Rover land on Mars. There, sus­pended in the air in a two-ton bakkie with blue sky be­neath its wheels, was all of hu­mankind’s po­ten­tial, our de­sire to reach for the sky, and a driver who stood on that precipice of im­pos­si­ble, hit the gas and re­ally and truly flew. The next les­son we all learnt from Jakkals was how to stop.

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