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The makeup aisle can be over­whelm­ing! To avoid get­ting car­ried away, fol­low May­belline New York makeup spe­cial­ist Linda O’con­nell’s tips on how to make the best choices for your bud­get.

1 Go for trendy lip colours

Lip­sticks are the best way to up­date your look with­out spend­ing too much. “You can buy a whole colour range from a chain­store brand for less than one de­signer lip­stick,” says Linda.

2 Turn to af­ford­able mas­caras

Here, you don’t need to spend a for­tune. “Many com­mer­cial brands are not only cheaper, but the re­sults can be bet­ter, too,” she says. Just look at the cult buys, like May­belline New York Great Lash Mas­cara ( R99.95).


In­vest in a good foun­da­tion

“This is the prod­uct on which all your other makeup is built. If you get this prod­uct wrong, no tricks or skills in the book can over­look it,” Linda says. Get ad­vice on get­ting the right tex­ture and shade. Most beauty coun­ters will let you have a sam­ple that you can try at home.

4 Store your prod­ucts well

“Keep them in a cool, dry place. Not in your hand­bag, where they can melt or break,” ad­vises Linda. In fact, store your nail pol­ish in the fridge. “The cold tem­per­a­ture keeps pol­ishes from clump­ing,” Linda adds. Then, make sure that the rims of your prod­ucts are al­ways wiped clean, to stay free of bac­te­ria.

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