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Ease up on your por­tions

Squeez­ing your sham­poo into your hand un­til your en­tire palm is al­most filled is so en­tic­ing. But that’s prob­a­bly the most com­mon mis­take women make: us­ing too much prod­uct. You ac­tu­ally only need a lit­tle – but you need to work it into your locks well. Most of the dirt and oil build-up sits at your roots, so that’s where you need to fo­cus. Start by cre­at­ing a lather by mas­sag­ing your scalp thor­oughly (the way they do at the sa­lon basin). When you rinse, the foam runs down to clean your lengths. With con­di­tioner, fo­cus on your mi­dlengths to ends – too much on your roots can cause oili­ness. When it comes to serums, less is more. Rub a few drops be­tween your fin­gers and work from the back of your head to­wards the front.

How much should I use?

Sham­poo A R5 coin-sized amount. “It’s wa­ter that makes sham­poo lather, not more sham­poo. Add wa­ter as you mas­sage,” says She­lene.

Mask Start with just a tea­spoon­ful. “Build it up un­til you feel a bit of residue on the mi­dlengths to ends,” she adds.

Con­di­tioner Also a R5 coin­sized amount. “Fo­cus on your mi­dlengths to ends be­fore spread­ing the re­main­der to your roots,” She­lene says.

Serum Just two drops. Rub it in your hands and spread through your hair, fo­cus­ing on your ends.

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