If you want... A no-mas­cara look TIP! Clean the tip and use the wand ver­ti­cally to coat your lower lashes.

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Shows like Vera Wang chose a laid­back but still de­fined eye. At home Daniel of­fers two routes: skip mas­cara but curl your lashes, so you ap­pear more awake. To make the look last, “run your curler un­der hot wa­ter to heat it up; this helps the shape hold longer,” says Gucci. ( Wait a few sec­onds for the curler to cool slightly be­fore use.) You could for­get the curler and go for length with mas­cara only, or try a tinted lash primer in brown. At the salon “I love tint­ing,” says Gucci. “It gets inky black and frames your eye.” And it’s not just for the fair­lashed: you can tint a dark lash even darker. Gucci, a brunette, says: “My eye­lash tips are a lit­tle blonde, so I get them done once a month. What­ever colour your lashes are, go for jet black, and if you tint, skip the curler – curled and tinted can look way too mega.”

Q“I just bought mas­cara, but the tube dried up su­per fast. What’s up with that?” Some for­mu­las are just drier than oth­ers, says Daniel. “If you’ve had the tube for less than three months, add a few drops of eye drops (of your choice) in there,” he sug­gests. “It adds some mois­ture and shouldn’t mess with the mas­cara’s for­mu­la­tion.”

Q“When it comes to full-im­pact lashes, like those shown at Car­ven, falsies will al­ways be your best op­tion. At home “Start with a short strip of lashes and cut them into sev­eral pieces, or use in­di­vid­ual lashes,” says Gucci. “Put a lit­tle bit of glue on your hand, use tweez­ers to dip the lashes in it, and place them on the bot­tom and the top lash line – and in­stead of ev­ery lash, just add them to ev­ery other lash.” At the salon “Go to a salon or a M·A·C counter,” says Gucci. “The ex­perts can ap­ply them so they last longer, and the as­sis­tants at M·A·C love do­ing wilder stuff.” Also, bring ref­er­ences: “It’s eas­ier to di­rect some­one if you have a pic­ture.” How do you keep mas­cara look­ing fresh when go­ing out af­ter work? Put­ting on an ex­tra coat al­ways makes it look spi­dery.” “Soak a clean mas­cara wand in con­tact lens so­lu­tion or eye drops, then run it through your lashes,” ad­vises Daniel. This helps pull off any loose product be­fore you add another round on top, and cre­ates a fresh, newly-ap­plied look.

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