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Hide frizz and cre­ate waves with a plait A french plait is prac­ti­cal and pretty! Change yours up by start­ing with a deep side part­ing and braid along your hair­line to the nape of your neck ( LEFT). Then pin in place. Added bonus: not only will it stay put all day, but you’ll have soft, beachy waves once un­done.

Try bright eye makeup This is the time to have fun with your look. The eas­i­est ap­pli­ca­tion? Use two dif­fer­ent coloured eye­lin­ers along your top and bot­tom lash lines ( RIGHT). Or smudge a cream shadow over your eye­lids and add lash­ings of mas­cara.

Soak your hair be­fore tak­ing a dip Be­fore swim­ming in the pool or ocean, wet your locks with fresh water first. It gives hair a chance to soak up clean H2O be­fore be­ing ex­posed to harsh chem­i­cals and salt. Don’t mix your SPF You may think that lay­er­ing on the SPF will give you ex­tra pro­tec­tion, but you’re wrong. “If you ap­ply a day cream with SPF20 and a sun­screen with SPF50, you ac­tu­ally end up di­lut­ing the ef­fec­tive­ness of the sun­screen,” ex­plains skin ex­pert Sonette Donker of Skin id. In­stead, layer sun­screen over your skin­care and be­fore your makeup. Use about half a tea­spoon amount for your face and neck. We love Nivea Sun Mois­tur­is­ing Lo­tion SPF30 (R99.99) and Ce­taphil Day­long SPF50+ (R278).

Em­brace your nat­u­ral tex­ture If you spend ages tor­tur­ing your hair into a look that doesn’t last, it’s time to make peace with what your mama gave you. Got curls? Add a curlen­hanc­ing prod­uct be­fore you let your hair air-dry, and tease coils for added drama. Then own the look and en­joy the com­pli­ments com­ing your way. Melt-proof your makeup “You’re go­ing to sweat, so you need prod­ucts that last,” ad­vises makeup artist Gita Bass. Start with a tinted mois­turiser, like Bio­derma Pho­to­derm Max Tinted Cream SPF50 (R219.95), then ap­ply a smudge-proof matte lip­stick and a coat of Rim­mel Won­der’full Mas­cara (R149.95). Neu­tralise the ef­fects of chlo­rine with a tomato-juice rinse Yes, we’re talk­ing about the red liq­uid you’d or­di­nar­ily add to your Bloody Mary. If your hair is light, you may al­ready have ex­pe­ri­enced how chlo­rine can tint locks into a pale green shade. Af­ter sham­poo­ing, rinse with the juice to neu­tralise it.

Turn your mani into art These nail de­signs are eas­ier than they look! Sim­ply paint a fine line across your favourite shade with an art paint­brush ( ABOVE RIGHT), or try the half-moon mani ( RIGHT). Start with a base coat, then ap­ply two coats of your first colour all over your nails. Use ring­binder re­in­force­ment stick­ers (which are avail­able from of­fice sup­ply stores) and paste over your cu­ti­cles to cre­ate half-moon shapes at the base of your nail. Paint your sec­ond colour from the sticker to your tips. Al­low to dry, then ap­ply an­other coat. Care­fully peel the rings off and paint on a top coat.

Shave at night Didn’t get round to shav­ing this morn­ing? No wor­ries. It’s best to shave af­ter your day of ac­tiv­i­ties when there’s no chance of sand, sea or pool water ir­ri­tat­ing your freshly shaved limbs.

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