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Get black­out cur­tains for an undis­turbed sleep. When it’s dark, your body re­leases the hor­mone mela­tonin, a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant which helps com­bat in­flam­ma­tion. You say “Grow­ing up in a small town with two traf­fic lights and tons of trees, I didn’t hear the word pol­lu­tion too of­ten. Since mov­ing to a big city six years ago, I’ll of­ten see clouds of brown air set­tle between the build­ings (hu­mid, stag­nant air re­tains more pol­lu­tion, I’ve learnt). My skin has def­i­nitely got more sen­si­tive, but when­ever I leave town, it’s calmer and clearer overnight.” – Kate, 28

The ex­perts say Stud­ies show that long-term pol­lu­tion ex­po­sure does cause free-rad­i­cal dam­age on the skin, the same way UV rays do, says Dr Ze­ich­ner .“It breaks down col­la­gen and can lead to wrin­kling, pre­ma­ture age­ing and dark spots.” And pol­lu­tion isn’t lim­ited to big cities: “It’s gen­er­ated by ma­chin­ery and farm­yard chem­i­cals, too,” re­veals der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Ava Sham­ban. “It’s pretty hard to es­cape.”

Get an os­cil­lat­ing cleans­ing brush or me­chan­i­cal ex­fo­li­at­ing cleanser to gen­tly scrub off any in­vis­i­ble toxic gunk. Ap­ply mois­turiser to act as a bar­rier and al­ways use sun­screen. We like Nivea Per­fect & Ra­di­ant 3-In-1 Mat­ti­fy­ing Cleanser (R89.99).

It could take months or even longer. “Avoid pol­lu­tion and take the right steps to silently in­vest in your skin,” as­sures Dr Tanzi.

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of Sports Medicine and Phys­i­cal Fit­ness, when two of four weekly car­dio work­outs were HIIT ( high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing) rou­tines and in­cluded strength train­ing, ex­er­cis­ers de­creased both to­tal and vis­ceral fat – the kind deep in­side the gut – faster.

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