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Bring a pot of slightly salted wa­ter to the boil, score the toma­toes with two small cuts shaped like an X and scald them for 30 sec­onds. Take the toma­toes out with a skim­mer if you want to use the wa­ter for your pasta, then cut them in half, re­move the seeds and break them slightly with your hands.

In a large pan, brown three small cloves of gar­lic, with the peel on, in a lit­tle olive oil, then add the toma­toes and cook on a low heat for around 15 min­utes.

Add a bunch of basil, washed and dried – tear it a lit­tle with your hands if you pre­fer. Cook the sauce for an­other few min­utes and turn the heat off.

Purée the toma­toes and basil (re­move the gar­lic cloves first) in a food mill or blender. Boil the spaghetti in salted wa­ter, drain when al dente and put back into the pan. Add the tomato sauce, mix and serve with olive oil, basil leaves and grated Parme­san.

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