17 Foodie health fixes to try now

Got another headache? Feel­ing ex­hausted? The so­lu­tion may be in your kitchen. See the good-for-you in­gre­di­ents that nour­ish from within.

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where do you go when a health prob­lem like a migraine or PMS strikes? Straight to your medicine cab­i­net to pop a pill? Well, it could be time to di­vert to the kitchen. What peo­ple eat can lead to bet­ter con­trol of PMS, ir­ri­ta­ble bowel syn­drome (IBS), in­som­nia, the list goes on. “The right foods can sup­ply nu­tri­ents that cor­rect de­fi­cien­cies as­so­ci­ated with symp­toms or act di­rectly on them,” says di­eti­cian Erin Skin­ner. Here’s what the pros want you to stock up on and ditch from your food shop. What to eat for… mi­graines It’s the Cruella de Vil of headaches and com­monly trig­gered when small blood ves­sels in the brain sud­denly di­late. Ir­reg­u­lar eat­ing, de­hy­dra­tion and foods like cheese, red wine and choco­late are com­mon cul­prits – but there are oth­ers to know.

+ Nuts, seeds and dark leafy

greens Mag­ne­sium de­fi­ciency is linked to mi­graines. Straight away, Erin ad­vises her clients to up their mag­ne­sium­rich foods. “Try a daily hand­ful of nuts and/or seeds and three large hand­fuls of ‘win­ter greens’, such as spinach or kale,” says Erin. Try this recipe: throw to­gether spinach or kale leaves, wal­nuts or al­monds, pump­kin seeds, half an avo­cado and three ta­ble­spoons of Le Puy lentils. Driz­zle with an olive oil vinai­grette and serve with a baked salmon steak. “The fats from the avo­cado and salmon will help your body ab­sorb the mag­ne­sium,” says Erin. - Cured meat and left­overs His­tamine, a com­mon migraine trig­ger, lurks in these. “It’s pro­duced in food when the bac­te­ria in it fer­ments,” ex­plains Erin. Cured meats are al­ready high in his­tamine, while the amount in that left­over chicken in your fridge rises daily.

- Yo­ghurt and cheese Yo­ghurt is fer­mented, too, which pro­duces ben­e­fi­cial gut bac­te­ria for most peo­ple. Migraine suf­fer­ers? Not so much. “And hard cheeses have a greater his­tamine level,” says Erin.

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