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12 Things you know if you’re se­ri­ously tall

1 When you meet an­other girl’s eye-line at a party, you both freeze be­cause this never, ever hap­pens…

2 … But if you’d passed her on your com­mute you’d ex­change the ‘tall-girl’ look of quiet ap­proval.

3 You’ve never mod­elled or played bas­ket­ball, but still get asked this enough to won­der if you might se­cretly be Kar­lie Kloss.

4 Men some­times whis­per “you’re tall” as they pass you, and won’t stop star­ing. Is this what be­ing a Kar­dashian is like?

5 You’re the only per­son in your Pi­lates class who can’t touch their toes and it drives you in­sane (you have 92cm legs, it’s fine, breathe, let it go).

6 If you could ban one thing, it would be mar­ket­ing emails that start with, “Hi, leggy lovelies!!!”

7 In the­ory, you save cash be­cause de­signer stuff doesn’t fit; in re­al­ity, you’ve spent it all on bags.

8 Your height acts as an Id­iot De­tec­tion De­vice on dates (stand up, then if he looks hor­ri­fied, smile and leave).

9 Noth­ing – not socks, not boots – has ever know­ingly gone over your knee.

10 Your hair gets sucked into the ceil­ing fan at least once every sum­mer.

11 Noth­ing stresses you out like fight­ing for your favourite dis­con­tin­ued clothes on an on­line store. The strug­gle is real.

12 You wouldn’t change your height for the world. Well, you might for some per­fect-fit­ting trousers.

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