DON’T you love a man with a beard?

It may look low-key, but red car­pet scruff is a life­style.

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when Jon Hamm took the stage at the Golden Globes in Jan­uary, he dubbed the spec­ta­cle ‘Beard Pa­rade 2017’. He was right: Ev­ery­where we look, for­merly clean-shaven bros, like Idris Elba and Bradley Cooper, are sud­denly sport­ing re­bel­lious, quit-my-job, cool dad bush. “A clean-shaven guy in a suit is quite con­ser­va­tive,” says groomer Lucy Halperin, who works with stars like Aaron Tay­lor-john­son. “The beard gives it an edge.” But it ain’t wash and go: She uses brow gel for gaps, a tooth­brush to tame un­ruly hairs, and beard wash. Be­cause, hip­ster un­der­tones notwith­stand­ing, Lucy says, “no one likes an un­kempt beard that smells of stale milk.”

Idris Elba

Riky Rick Aaron Tay­lor-john­son

Jon Hamm

Bradley Cooper

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