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Sort work­out pains with these fixes from Re­act Phys­i­cal Ther­apy founder David Reavy.

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Shin splints Zing­ing shins ruin a run, so land mid-foot. Next, hold a ten­nis ball and press on the front of the legs; start just above the most ten­der area and slowly move your leg up and down, then side to side.

Heel and foot pain This foot ache dur­ing the push-off is caused by weak glutes and ham­strings and ex­ac­er­bated by tight calves. Re­lieve it by ap­ply­ing a ball, or your hands, to arches and calves to lengthen ten­dons.

Run­ner’s knee This ir­ri­ta­tion un­der the knee is of­ten due to weak sta­bil­is­ing mus­cles, like quads, glutes and core. Strengthen them with squats and bridges or, if you’re strong, try a sup­ported headstand.

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