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Your body, means your rules. So let’s make sure that fe­male mas­tur­ba­tion stops be­ing a ma­jor no-fly zone.

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Love your­self. Also, “My neigh­bours have very loud sex. What to do?”

it’s time we lifted the shame from one of so­ci­ety’s great­est taboos. Be­fore mod­ern sci­ence, mas­tur­ba­tion was con­sid­ered the root of nearly ev­ery in­ex­pli­ca­ble med­i­cal is­sue, in­clud­ing blind­ness, epilepsy, faint­ing spells, mem­ory loss and stunted growth in chil­dren. All of th­ese claims were false, of course, but the stigma is hard to shake.

When we asked women in their 20s what they wished their high school selves had un­der­stood about self-love, the most com­mon an­swer we heard was want­ing to know that other girls were do­ing it, too.

With all the mixed mes­sages around about what is and isn’t ‘nor­mal’, this pri­vate topic can be con­fus­ing to nav­i­gate – espe­cially for young women and girls who are of­ten con­di­tioned to be­lieve that any kind of sex­u­al­ity is un­usual or un­healthy.

“On one hand, celebri­ties like Mi­ley Cyrus feel com­fort­able talk­ing pos­i­tively about mas­tur­ba­tion, yet it isn’t on the sex ed­u­ca­tion cur­ricu­lum in some schools,” says sex­u­al­ity and gen­der ex­pert Dr Lau­ren Rose­warne.

Ac­cord­ing to a re­cent sur­vey, 74% of boys aged 14-17, and 48% of girls said they had mas­tur­bated. The sur­vey found a sig­nif­i­cant in­crease by the time we reach our 20s: about 72% of women and 84% of men be­tween the ages of 25-29 said they had tried it them­selves at least once in the past year.

And not only is there noth­ing wrong with self-plea­sure, it’s ac­tu­ally good for you. It can help you fall asleep, re­lieve stress and ease men­strual cramps. Plus, un­like sex with a part­ner, mas­tur­ba­tion puts you at much lower risk for STIS, won’t lead to un­in­tended preg­nancy and it’s a safe way to fig­ure out what you are and aren’t com­fort­able with.

So when it comes to lov­ing your body and your­self, plea­sure isn’t just for fun – it’s a form of self-care, and you de­serve to treat your­self.

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