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If he’s a Cance­rian, like ac­tor Vin Diesel (18 July 1967), he’s fi­nan­cially as­tute, a great lis­tener and can be deeply emo­tional. He’s also fam­i­ly­ori­ented, nur­tur­ing and loves to cook. He likes women who are curvy, nur­tur­ing and feel­ings-ori­ented. Tau­re­ans and Vir­gos make great matches, while he’ll have a lot in com­mon with Pis­ceans and Scor­pios. Capri­corns will in­trigue and frus­trate him. Aquar­i­ans and Li­brans are too emo­tion­ally de­tached for him. Gem­i­nis and Leos make for best friends. Ari­ans are too im­pul­sive and Sagit­tar­i­ans are too in­de­pen­dent – al­though their philo­soph­i­cal side will fas­ci­nate him.

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