The brow trend to love

Meet mi­crob­lad­ing, the treat­ment celebs and ex­perts swear by to shape up your brows.

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What you need to know about mi­cro blad­ing

eye­brows have long been a thing, from skinny 1920s arches to Cara Delev­ingne’s bold drama. And they’re get­ting even more at­ten­tion this sea­son. So what to do if your brows lack full­ness and shape, and you want some­thing longer-last­ing than a pen­cil? The an­swer is mi­crob­lad­ing, a trendy form of ink­ing which sim­u­lates nat­u­ral hair. Read on to see if it’s for you.

What is it?

Ex­perts tout mi­crob­lad­ing as a semi-per­ma­nent form of per­ma­nent makeup. Not sure what that means? Char­lie Corkill Boon­za­aier of The Ur­ban Beauty Lounge, ex­plains, “Un­like per­ma­nent makeup, mi­crob­lad­ing lasts up to three years.” The ink is also ap­plied man­u­ally. “We use dif­fer­ent blades ac­cord­ing to the client’s needs,” adds Ni­col Frank, an in­tra­der­mal cos­metic tat­too spe­cial­ist at Blush Beauty. “This ex­tra con­trol al­lows for a re­fined and nat­u­ral ef­fect.”

Who’s it for?

“Every­body has a brow story,” says Char­lie. “Some want a bolder look. Oth­ers have sparse brows or no brows as a re­sult of con­di­tions like alope­cia.”

How to find your pro

Ask around, stalk In­sta­gram, Google be­fore and af­ter pic­tures. “And check the pig­ments they use,” says Ni­col. “Premier Pig­ments is the only med­i­cally ap­proved brand reg­is­tered with the FDA. Non-ap­proved ink may be un­sta­ble, so your brows may turn grey or blue with time.”

How’s it done?

“The two-hour ap­point­ment starts with an ex­ten­sive con­sul­ta­tion,” says Char­lie. “The tech­ni­cian es­tab­lishes your ideal shape with pen­cil, so bring pic­tures of brows you like to the ses­sion. In fact, the de­sign is the most time-con­sum­ing part. The colour is

also im­por­tant. Adding ‘ hairs’ makes brows look heav­ier, so we dis­cuss the pig­ment first. You can al­ways go darker, but not lighter.” Then comes numb­ing cream and the pretty pain­less ap­pli­ca­tion of small strokes of pig­ment.

The af­ter­care

“You may ex­pe­ri­ence a lit­tle swelling or pain, but the down­time is min­i­mal. The only con­sid­er­a­tion is keep­ing your brows dry for five days af­ter the ap­pli­ca­tion, so no in­tense work­outs or swim­ming. Your skin needs to heal over the pig­ment, and if you wipe or wet your brows, it leaks away,” says Char­lie. The ini­tial colour will also be darker than the fi­nal re­sult.

The price tag

Ex­pect to pay R2 500-R3 000 for mi­crob­lad­ing. Then again, as Ni­col notes, “you’ll save on wax­ing, tint­ing and thread­ing. And mi­crob­lad­ing of­fers another po­ten­tial bonus: it stim­u­lates hair growth, so you might not even need a top-up a few years down the line!”

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