Dos and Don’ts of very close en­coun­ters

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All-girl pad? DO obey the sis­tas be­fore mis­tas rule and don’t sleep with the same men. You’d be sur­prised how eas­ily this can hap­pen when you go out to­gether and meet the same guys, and how one guy can sin­gle-hand­edly wreck your friend­ship group.

Shout-out to the girl who played ‘Sex on Fire’ ev­ery time she did the deed, crescen­do­ing her or­gasms dur­ing fi­nal cho­rus. No. Just no. Not when your roomies are at home. Ac­tu­ally, just DON’T. DO al­ways give one an­other the low­down on who you’re chat­ting to on dat­ing apps. There are few things in life more awk­ward than a guy lay­ing into a ‘dull as dish­washer’ date be­fore you re­alise he’s talk­ing about your flat­mate.

“Who did you have sex with this week­end? I saw the used con­doms in the bin,” said my 2008 flat­mate ver­sion of Char­lotte York. When dis­card­ing con­doms, DO try to strate­gi­cally bury them un­der other trash. Or take the bin duty.

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