A letter to my son

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Dear Khalid,

You came into my life as a huge sur­prise. We didn’t plan you, but through love you came into this world.

On the 15th of May 2018, while the waves crashed just out­side our ho­tel room win­dow and a fire was blaz­ing, you an­nounced your­self with a sub­tle push. Slowly, you as­serted your­self more firmly, let­ting us know you were ready to ar­rive – al­beit ear­lier than ex­pected. Ad­mit­tedly, I was in de­nial when you ar­rived; “It’s not time yet!” I told your dad. But you’ve taught me that time is merely what we make of it. The time is al­ways now with you, and that’s what I love best.

Khalid, your ar­rival was not easy. I yelled and sweated as I pushed to wel­come you into this world. Although the mo­ment was not too long, we went through so much to­gether to get you here. I wanted to give up at so many points, but my love for you kept me go­ing. Yet an­other thing you taught me, Khalid, is to per­se­vere through all the chal­lenges I may face. Once I pulled you onto my chest, I was in awe of not only how tiny and beau­ti­ful you were, but how strong and fierce I was in that mo­ment. We worked as a team to get to this point and all we had in our favour was love.

The com­ing weeks were not easy, too. You were tinier than we had ex­pected, and you strug­gled with feed­ing and ad­just­ing to this big new world. But with this, I learnt some­thing cru­cial: pa­tience. When I look at you, my frus­tra­tion to rush through any of our feed­ing chal­lenges would sim­ply melt away. Those first few weeks I was so hard on my­self, won­der­ing if I was wor­thy of be­ing loved by a mir­a­cle like you, but you made me learn that love is un­con­di­tional when it is true.

Khalid, I prom­ise to be open to all the lessons you’re about to teach me, to be the best ver­sion of my­self for you and to lead you through your life as you lead me through mine.

I write this letter to you my an­gel, to say thank you for lov­ing me and choos­ing me to love you. I prom­ise, for the rest of your life, to give you all the love I can muster.

I love you,


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