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We all know that guy who loves to boast. About every­thing. It might be your neigh­bour, your col­league or your brother-in-law, but every­thing he owns, his ex­pe­ri­ences and achieve­ments are bet­ter than yours. If you chat about your car’s fuel con­sump­tion, he’ll be quick to point out that his is lighter on diesel than yours. If you men­tion how much more power your car has now that you’ve chipped it, he’ll tell you that the wrong guy put in the wrong chip. If you feel like brag­ging a bit about your grand­daugh­ter’s re­port card, he’ll in­ter­rupt you with a story about his grand­daugh­ter who’s study­ing to be­come a doc­tor. Ob­vi­ously it’s the same when it comes to talk­ing about hol­i­day plans. You fi­nally got round to book­ing your stand at Harten­bos, but he al­ready paid his de­posit for his stand at Har­ties months ago. You’re al­most ready to cross Sani Pass off your bucket list, and he’s packed and on his way to Van Zyl’s Pass... with a off-roader trailer in tow. Some­one like this has the abil­ity to ir­ri­tate the liv­ing day­lights out of you. But I have some ad­vice... and we’ve done all the work for you. I can al­most guar­an­tee that Mr Brag­ger has never had the guts to tackle the road to the north of Botswana to the Kh­wai Con­ces­sion on his own. Maybe as part of a tour group, but def­i­nitely not on his own. And here you have one-up on him. We were there and came back with 28 tips for a dream hol­i­day to this in­cred­i­ble des­ti­na­tion. Your en­joy­ment of your neigh­bour’s un­bri­dled jeal­ousy is on us. So turn to page 50, start plan­ning, and be sure to write to me at schalk.jonker@ me­dia24.com to tell me how your trip went. And what shade of green your brother-in­law turned when he heard about it. Safe trav­els.

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