Do you know a boer diff lock?

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Some years ago I drove up a moun­tain with an el­derly Afrikaans gent in his Toy­ota 1600 bakkie. It was in the East­ern Cape and we were on our way to go kudu-hunt­ing. The road was wet and steep, and the bakkie didn’t have four-wheel drive, not to men­tion a diff lock. We crawled up the moun­tain. The man kept his right hand on the steer­ing wheel with his other tightly grip­ping the hand­brake. Ev­ery now and again he yanked on the hand­brake and then ac­cel­er­ated, and soon I no­ticed a pat­tern in these ac­tions. As soon as the bakkie started to strug­gle, he pulled on the hand­brake, but it didn’t make any sense to me. When we got to the top, I was dy­ing to know why he did it. So I asked and he calmly re­sponded: “Have you never heard of a boer diff lock?” And sud­denly the penny dropped... To­day I drive an old 1998 Toy­ota Prado 90, also with­out a diff lock, but it has a boer diff lock that’s got­ten me out of trou­ble many, many times.

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