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Store in a cool, dry place High tem­per­a­tures and di­rect sun­light have an ad­verse ef­fect on medicine. For this rea­son, your first-aid kit must al­ways be kept in a shady, cool place (not on the par­cel rack while driv­ing through the Ka­roo).

Keep out of reach of lit­tle hands You wouldn’t dream of let­ting small chil­dren ex­plore the con­tents of the first-aid kit at home, so keep it out of reach while on hol­i­day as well.

What’s to­day’s date? Be­cause medicine doesn’t last for­ever, have a good look at all the ex­piry dates be­fore de­part­ing from home. Re­place all ex­pired med­i­ca­tion.

That’s not all The above list is the min­i­mum that you need to take along on hol­i­day. Com­ple­ment it with med­i­ca­tion for asthma or al­ler­gies should any­one in the fam­ily need it. Also re­mem­ber to make sure be­fore­hand whether you need par­tic­u­lar med­i­ca­tion, such as malaria tablets, for spe­cific ar­eas.

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