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My daugh­ter saw Zigi Ekron’s “Grand stand” for pot plants ( Plat­te­land #5) and de­cided it would be a good birth­day gift from her dad. I had lots of fun mak­ing it (see right); the only com­ment I have is on the “Time needed: 1-2 hours”.

This Zigi guy must be some kind of su­per­man, be­cause my time was bro­ken down as fol­lows: study plan, check shop­ping list and search in­ter­net for places to buy wood (2 hours); drive to tim­ber mill, place or­der, cut to size where pos­si­ble, load car, pay for wood, drive home, un­load (2 hours); reload car, drive via hard­ware store to pick up screws, off­load and carry wood up to her first-floor flat (2 hours); as­sem­ble both frames, dis­as­sem­ble one frame and re­assem­ble with sup­ports on cor­rect side (2 hours); as­sem­ble rest of stand and make a men­tal note to buy an elec­tric screw­driver (2 hours); paint basecoat (2 hours… this is not a flat sur­face), paint fi­nal coat and clean up mess (2 hours); plus cof­fee and tea breaks (2 hours).

My time needed was more like 16 hours. I must be slow­ing down!

Thanks for a great mag­a­zine – we en­joy it even though we’re stuck in the city.

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