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Early in 2009 we met a friendly bare­foot guy with a lovely wife and bunch of kids who opened an al­manac, scrib­bled three dates on a piece of pa­per and de­clared: “You have to plant the olive trees on one of these three dates, but that day is the best.” Ex­cuse me? Erm? Why? We can’t re­mem­ber his ex­act an­swer, but it was some­thing like, “That’s ac­cord­ing to the moon [or the cos­mos].” (We even­tu­ally man­aged to re­verse our eye-rolls.)

To­day, nine years af­ter our first meet­ing, the very same ex-stock­bro­ker, who nowa­days al­most never wears shoes, is one of only a hand­ful of bio­dy­namic farm­ers in South Africa – and prob­a­bly one of the most suc­cess­ful. An­gus McIntosh, his fam­ily and their staff have trans­formed a de­pleted, dec­i­mated piece of land out­side Stel­len­bosch into one wor­thy of the word “dy­namic” us­ing bio­dy­namic prin­ci­ples (and some pe­cu­liar “prepa­ra­tions”). Go have a look your­self if you want to see what happy cows, happy chick­ens, happy pigs, happy land, happy crops and, last but not least, happy, healthy peo­ple look like.

Cre­at­ing this “per­fect pic­ture” has taken a lot of ef­fort, com­mit­ment and in­ter­ven­tion – and that’s why we asked An­gus to ex­plain to our read­ers as sim­ply as pos­si­ble what bio­dy­namic farm­ing is all about. Read about it on page 84.

If you think about it, for cen­turies some peo­ple have ob­served the cy­cles of the moon to de­ter­mine when to sow, har­vest, make cut­tings – or even surf and get a hair­cut! And it won’t cost you any­thing to at least give it a try. (Out of cu­rios­ity, we planted those olive trees on the “best” date and later humbly ad­mit­ted to An­gus that within the first year they were twice the size of trees planted two months ear­lier.)

An­other story in this is­sue that might give a cou­ple of Plat­te­land’s more sci­en­tific-minded read­ers the hee­bie-jee­bies is the one about an­i­mal whis­per­ers on page 74, where you’ll read that you can, over and above your beloved pets, “tele­path­i­cally com­mu­ni­cate” with al­most any­thing un­der the sun – even with that ex­as­per­at­ing fly.

Scoff if you like, but don’t blow your top. Read it with an open mind and write to us – agree, prove the con­trary, tell your own story. This is your magazine, af­ter all.

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