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Wher­ever you might be, plant­ing or sow­ing seed as the first rains prop­erly moisten the soil is the most im­por­tant thing you can do. In the win­ter-rain­fall re­gion this will usu­ally be mid-April to early May. In the sum­mer-rain­fall areas it can be a bit more vari­able, but is usu­ally around Septem­ber to Oc­to­ber. Plants put in once the soil is prop­erly damp usu­ally need no ex­tra wa­ter to be­come es­tab­lished enough to see them through the next dry sea­son. You can plant a bit later into the start of the rainy sea­son, but any other time of year means a huge amount of ir­ri­ga­tion will be re­quired to sur­vive the next dry sea­son. And that has the knock-on ef­fect of re­tard­ing proper root for­ma­tion, which keeps your gar­den de­pen­dent on ex­tra wa­ter­ing.

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