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ZELDA WRITES: It all started when my boyfriend and I de­cided to take pho­tos in a field of flow­ers last year. We thought the spring flower sea­son was al­ready over, but we did a lit­tle re­search and found that we might still strike it lucky in the canola fields around Cale­don in the Over­berg. We asked a friend to come along and be our model – she’s a dancer. We even­tu­ally found a good field in bloom and asked our friend to dance. This wasn’t as suc­cess­ful as we’d hoped! That’s when I de­cided to change tack: I thought a creative so­lu­tion might be to take a photo of her feet in the air; some­thing cute to make peo­ple smile.

TOAST SAYS: “Think out­side the box.” Peo­ple are al­ways say­ing this but it can be a tall or­der when it comes to photography. I know I’m guilty of fall­ing back into old habits. I’ve been tak­ing pho­tos for 25 years and some­times I do it on auto-pi­lot, but then I just end up with a whole folder of sim­i­lar­look­ing pho­tos. In­sta­gram is a great app for in­spi­ra­tion. You can fol­low other pho­tog­ra­phers from all around the world. (Care­ful, it’s ad­dic­tive!) It’s a good way to make sure you don’t stag­nate as a pho­tog­ra­pher, whether you’re 14 or 64… I love Zelda’s creativ­ity here. She and her boyfriend set out with a cer­tain vi­sion but when it didn’t work out, they ad­justed their idea and went for Plan B, which worked out great. By only fo­cus­ing on her friend’s feet, Zelda has added quirk­i­ness to a rel­a­tively com­mon­place scene. We’ve all taken a photo of some­one in a field of flow­ers, but have you ever seen a photo like this?

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