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Trail rid­ing, or “all-moun­tain rid­ing”, is be­com­ing more and more pop­u­lar. A trail bike dif­fers from an XC bike in that it usu­ally has longer-travel sus­pen­sion and a slacker head tube an­gle, re­sult­ing in a longer wheel­base. It prob­a­bly also has 27,5-inch wheels for more re­spon­sive han­dling, as op­posed to big­ger 29-inch wheels for speed. A trail bike is not de­signed for long dis­tance en­durance rides, but rather for hav­ing as much fun as pos­si­ble when you’re blast­ing along sin­gle track in the moun­tains. Buy one if you live close to such a trail net­work and you en­joy do­ing shorter, punchier rides that in­volve fast de­scents. Pyga is a lo­cal com­pany based in How­ick, founded by moun­tain-bik­ing le­gend Pa­trick More­wood. Pat’s phi­los­o­phy is to de­sign bikes that are com­pet­i­tive in a race but equally fun to ride on your lo­cal trail. He’s suc­ceeded with the Hyrax (come on, it should have been called the Dassie) which is as ca­pa­ble in the moun­tains as its scam­per­ing name­sake. The frame is long and slack for op­ti­mal down­hill sta­bil­ity and weighs next to noth­ing thanks to its car­bon-fi­bre con­struc­tion. It’s de­signed around 140 140mm mm sus­pen­sion, which al­lows you to at­tack jumps and smash through rocky sec­tions with bugs in your teeth, but it also ped­als ef­fi­ciently and gets you to the top of the hill with­out fuss. It’s a beau­ti­ful, mod­ern bike that will give you years and years of en­joy­ment, made by a South African com­pany that’s com­pet­ing with the very best in the world. Frame from R39 R39995 995 at py­gain­dus­

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