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BERTUS WRITES: My wife and I were on hol­i­day in Jef­freys Bay and we de­cided to visit St Fran­cis Bay for the day. I took this photo near the Seal Point light­house. The weather was too grey and misty for nice land­scape pho­tos, but I no­ticed there were pretty pools in the hol­lows and grooves of the rocks. I bent down and held my cell­phone just above the sur­face of one such pool. This gave me a unique an­gle and it made the tiny pool look like a lake sur­rounded by high cliffs.

TOAST SAYS: Use your phone cam­era cor­rectly – within its means – and you can take ex­cel­lent pho­tos. But add some imag­i­na­tion and you’ll el­e­vate things to the next level. Ev­ery new scene is a chal­lenge: How can you make a great pic out of a seem­ingly dull sub­ject on a grey day? The sym­me­try here is cru­cial. See how it works in all direc­tions? The rocks on the right are roughly a mir­ror im­age of those on the left and the wa­ter sur­face re­flects both of these so per­fectly that you see four rock walls in­stead of two. The wa­ter also re­flects the sky, which gives an im­pres­sion of end­less space – al­most like an in­fin­ity pool at a fancy ho­tel. I also like the green sea­weed. Be­cause there’s noth­ing in the frame to give you a sense of scale (like a seagull) the sea­weed might as well be the forested walls of a Nor­we­gian fjord. The scene toys with your per­cep­tion. Is this a set for Lord of the Rings? Sim­ple but clever. Good job, Bertus!

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