E­mer­gen­cy ser­vi­ces cal­led to se­ries of ac­ci­dents

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GRAAFF-REI­NET | ABERDEEN — Two se­ri­ous ac­ci­dents occur­red on the N9 be­t­ween Aberdeen and Graaff-rei­net this past F­ri­day mor­ning, Ju­ly 14.

The first, at a­bout 05:00, in­vol­ved a Toyo­ta Cam­ry tra­vel­ling from Ca­pe To­wn to the for­mer Trans­kei. Ac­cor­ding to the dri­ver, he he­ard a bang and lost con­t­rol of the vehi­cle, which o­ver­tur­ned.

His 44-y­e­ar-old sis­ter-in-law, who was a pas­sen­ger in the vehi­cle, died at the sce­ne of the ac­ci­dent.

Her 8-y­e­ar-old daug­h­ter was se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red and was i­ni­ti­al­ly ta­ken to Aberdeen hos­pi­tal, then trans­fer­red to Port E­li­za­beth.

The se­cond ac­ci­dent occur­red just half an hour la­ter.

Ac­cor­ding to eye wit­nes­ses, the dri­ver of a Qu­an­tum taxi was o­ver­ta­king a­not­her vehi­cle w­hen he saw an on­co­ming vehi­cle ap­pro­a­ching. As he tried to get back on­to the cor­rect si­de of the ro­ad, he lost con­t­rol of the vehi­cle and it rol­led, en­ding up in the veld.

The dri­ver, 29-y­e­a­rold Siy­ak­hol­wa Ge­ce­lo, and a 79-y­e­ar-old wo­man pas­sen­ger, Ve­ro­ni­ca Ts­ho­ke­la, both from Ca­pe To­wn, died at the sce­ne.

The re­mai­ning e­le­ven pas­sen­gers we­re ta­ken to Mid­land Hos­pi­tal in Graaff-rei­net, w­he­re one was ad­mit­ted. Two we­re trans­fer­red to a hos­pi­tal in Port E­li­za­beth, and the ot­her eig­ht we­re dis­char­ged af­ter tre­at­ment.

The vehi­cle was tra­vel­ling from Ca­pe To­wn to Co­fim­va­ba in the for­mer Trans­kei, w­he­re the pas­sen­gers we­re to at­tend a fu­ne­ral.

On Tu­es­day e­ve­ning, Ju­ly 18, at 20:40 the dri­ver of a Vol­vo truck be­lon­ging to He­sto­ny Trans­port lost con­t­rol of the vehi­cle a­bout 21km from Aberdeen, tra­vel­ling to­wards Graaff­rei­net.

EMS per­son­nel we­re first on the sce­ne and found the dri­ver, 40-y­e­ar-old Bo­ni­fa­ce L­hi­hu­ri, trap­ped in­si­de the cab of the o­ver­tur­ned vehi­cle, for­tu­na­te­ly, con­s­ci­ous and a­ble to talk to them. A res­cue vehi­cle ar­ri­ved and freed him u­sing the jaws of li­fe, and the in­ju­red man was a­ble to walk to the am­bu­lan­ce. He was then ta­ken to Aberdeen Hos­pi­tal.

The dri­ver was u­na­ble to ex­plain w­hat cau­sed him to lo­se con­t­rol of the vehi­cle.

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