Cold blast brings ra­re snow sig­hting

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The view-si­te in the Cam­de­boo Na­ti­o­nal Park ne­ar Graaff-rei­net o­ver­look­ing the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on was co­ve­r­ed in snow on Sun­day mor­ning, Ju­ly 16.

Snow was al­so pho­to­grap­hed at the To­posco­pe en­rou­te to the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on.

This is a ra­re sig­ht in­deed and pro­vi­ded a few lo­cals and tou­ris­ts who ven­tu­red up the Val­ley Ro­ad with an ex­pe­rien­ce t­hey won’t soon f­or­get.

The si­te is si­tu­a­ted ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 1480m a­bo­ve sea le­vel and was last blan­ke­ted by snow se­ven y­e­ars ago. As the Val­ley Ro­ad was clo­sed to the pu­blic for sa­fe­ty re­a­sons du­ring 2010’s sno­w­fall, few pe­op­le wit­nes­sed it.

At a­bout 10.30am on Sun­day mor­ning, C­har­les and Nan­cy King­will al­ong with t­heir grand­son Jos­hua went for a dri­ve in the rain up to the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on.

It was al­re­a­dy sno­wing w­hen t­hey re­a­ched the par­king a­rea at the To­posco­pe, with the fla­kes al­re­a­dy lying 25mm thick on the ro­ad.

The King­wills de­ci­ded not to ven­tu­re any furt­her in fe­ar of ice on the ro­ad, but on t­heir way do­wn, a­bout a 100m from the par­king a­rea, t­hey stop­ped long e­nough to ta­ke a pic­tu­re of litt­le Jos­hua en­joying the snow.

Han­no S­par­ri­us, his wi­fe Sy­land­ré and t­heir daug­h­ter Mien­ke we­re al­so one of the few who he­a­ded to the Val­ley on Sun­day mor­ning - the fa­mi­ly e­ven ma­na­ged to build a sno­w­man on the vie­wing deck at the Val­ley’s par­king a­rea.

Jos­hua King­will en­joying the snow on the Val­ley Ro­ad in the Cam­de­boo Na­ti­o­nal Park on

Sun­day mor­ning, Ju­ly 16.

Sy­land­ré S­par­ri­us and her pre­ci­ous daug­h­ter Mien­ke en­joying the snow at the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on on Sun­day mor­ning, Ju­ly 16.

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