Lo­cal ba­ris­ta’s in­tri­ca­te lat­te art brig­h­tens mor­nings in Graaff-rei­net

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — Cof­fee ma­kes e­ver­yo­ne hap­py. P­ret­ty cof­fee just swee­tens the de­al.

Lo­cal ba­ris­ta Carl Vro­lick (32) has ho­ned the skill of cre­a­ting lat­te art to per­fecti­on, craf­ting in­tri­ca­te de­signs in the cof­fees of pa­trons of Ma­ria’s Cof­fee Ro­as­te­ry in Graaff-rei­net.

You can see Vro­lick most week­day mor­nings at Ma­ria’s, slinging drinks for caf­fei­ne-star­ved cu­s­to­mers.

Lat­te art, which has be­co­me ex­cee­dingly po­pu­lar the wor­ld o­ver, is cre­a­ted by pou­ring ste­a­med milk just so in­to a shot of es­pres­so, to pro­du­ce re­cog­ni­sa­ble de­signs.

“I en­joy it be­cau­se it’s fun and I en­joy ma­king pe­op­le hap­py,” Vro­lick says.

On T­hurs­day, Ju­ly 6, Vro­lick was a­war­ded a thi­rd pla­ce in a na­ti­o­nal lat­te art com­pe­ti­ti­on.

The an­nu­al Al­mond B­ree­ze Lat­te

Art Vi­deo Chal­len­ge high­lig­hts ar­tis­tic ex­pres­si­on in an on­li­ne com­pe­ti­ti­on plat­form that chal­len­ges ba­ris­tas in an on-de­mand per­for­man­ce.

This com­pe­ti­ti­on pits ba­ris­ta a­gainst ba­ris­ta to co­me up with the pret­tiest, most cre­a­ti­ve milk de­signs a­top a caf­fe lat­te.

For the pre­li­mi­na­ry round of the com­pe­ti­ti­on, ba­ris­tas had to pro­du­ce a sin­gle cre­a­ti­ve lat­te pat­tern of t­heir choi­ce.

The top 6 com­pe­ti­tors then qua­li­fied for the fi­nal round, w­he­re t­hey we­re as­ked to cre­a­te a swan de­sign.

Vro­lick ma­na­ged to claim thi­rd pla­ce o­ver­all with his ste­a­dy pour and qu­a­li­ty de­signs - be­a­ting al­most 100 ba­ris­tas from all o­ver South A­fri­ca.

Vro­lick star­ted wor­king as a gar­de­ner at a lo­cal com­pa­ny af­ter mo­ving to Graaff-rei­net from Jo­han­nes­burg. He soon ma­de the mo­ve in­to the hos­pi­ta­li­ty in­du­stry, first as a wai­ter at a lo­cal re­stau­rant, then as a bar­man at the to­wn’s sports club, fi­nal­ly sett­ling in­to his cur­rent po­si­ti­on at Ma­ria’s four y­e­ars ago, w­he­re he has been per­fecting his ar­tis­a­nal ap­pro­ach to­wards the craft of cof­fee e­ver sin­ce.

Lat­te art lo­vin’ ba­ris­ta Carl Vro­lick.

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