Aberdeen re­si­dents ce­le­bra­te Man­de­la Day

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ABERDEEN — At le­ast six se­pa­ra­te e­vents we­re held on Man­de­la Day in Aberdeen.

First to get star­ted was a pro­ject or­ga­ni­sed by the staff of Su­per­sto­re, who took three hu­ge pots of soup to the Ma­sik­ha­ne C­li­nic first thing in the mor­ning to warm the pa­tients and staff. Buks van Nie­kerk was re­spon­si­ble for ma­king the soup, and S­haun Saai­man, Ga­vin B­rits, C­hand­re Jack­son and Ma­rit­za de Beer cheer­ful­ly lad­led out one hund­red cups of soup, which we­re much ap­pre­ci­a­ted by tho­se wai­ting in the cold. Ri­aan Bar­nard de­li­ver­ed the staff and soup to the C­li­nic, be­fo­re re­tur­ning to man the sto­re with o­w­ner U­mel­da van Rens­burg. “We thoug­ht of this a few mont­hs ago, as ma­ny of the pa­tients co­me to the sto­re af­ter vi­si­ting the c­li­nic, and t­hey are u­su­al­ly cold and hun­gry,” said Ma­rit­za.

As she does e­very y­e­ar, 85-y­e­ar-old Cat­her­i­ne Fra­zen­burg of Lou­tus­vil­le, set up a soup kit­chen at the ho­me she shares with her daug­h­ter Y­von­ne in Jo­nes S­treet for lo­cal young­sters. Child­ren ran­ging in age from just one y­e­ar to 15 y­e­ars gat­he­red from e­ar­ly on at the la­dies’ ho­me, all e­a­ger­ly wai­ting to see w­hat “Ou­ma” would ha­ve for them this y­e­ar.

T­hey proud­ly held up a ban­ner and sang Hap­py Birt­hday to Ma­di­ba be­fo­re tucking in­to t­heir soup.

A group of wor­kers from the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty un­der­took to gi­ve a fa­ce­lift to the hou­se of Hen­ry Ma­ge­wu of Sit­han­di­we S­treet, T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we. In his e­ar­ly 90s, he is one of the towns­hip’s ol­dest re­si­dents. The te­am of wor­kers, in­clu­ding S­pea­ker Cl­lr T­hem­bi­sa Non­nies, pain­ted the out­si­de walls, cle­a­red the y­ard, and in­si­de the hou­se.

A sports day was or­ga­ni­sed at the T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we Com­mu­ni­ty Hall by a com­bi­ned group from So­ci­al De­ve­lop­ment, the Victim Sup­port Cen­t­re, and Sports and Re­cre­a­ti­on un­der the le­a­ders­hip of Mas­ter­boy Blaai. O­ver for­ty pe­op­le en­joy­ed ga­mes of tou­ch rug­by, net­ball, ten­nis and box­ing. Soup and bre­ad, very wel­co­me af­ter the mor­ning’s acti­vi­ties, we­re ser­ved to all who par­ti­ci­pa­ted.

Cl­lr El­dri­ge Rui­ters and his te­am de­li­ver­ed packs of fish wors to the Ma­sik­ha­ne C­li­nic staff and pa­tients. T­hey then cook­ed up hot me­als, u­sing the fish wors and de­li­ver­ed the­se to needy fa­mi­lies in Lo­tus­vil­le and T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we. Cl­lr Ru­dy Ja­cobs and his te­am de­li­ver­ed fish wors to Al­wyn­hof Old Age Ho­me, the Aberdeen Hos­pi­tal and el­der­ly re­si­dents in to­wn.

A­bra­ham Ge­duld and Lin­da Plaat­jies han­ding o­ver a pack of fish wors to Ou­ma Non­de­kie and fa­mi­ly.

Ex­ci­ted child­ren at Cat­her­i­ne and Y­von­ne Fra­zen­burg’s soup kit­chen.

The par­ti­ci­pants and or­ga­ni­sers of the sports day in T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we.

Hen­ry Ma­ge­wu with the te­am from the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty who wor­ked on his hou­se.

Andrew Min­toor, E­leese Dar­ries and Cl­lr Ru­dy Ja­cobs with staff at the Aberdeen Hos­pi­tal.

Staff from Su­per­sto­re at the Ma­sik­ha­ne C­li­nic.

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