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Graaff-reinet Mi­ca is look­ing for a fo­cu­sed, mo­ti­va­ted and self-dri­ven floor manager who will be highly or­ga­ni­sed, a­ble to mul­ti-task and ef­fecti­ve­ly ma­na­ge, or­ga­ni­se and in­flu­en­ce sta­ke­hol­ders in­ter­nal­ly and ex­ter­nal­ly at all le­vels.


The in­di­vi­du­al will be a­ble to de­mon­stra­te the fol­lo­wing a­bi­li­ties; • As­sist in en­su­ring that the day to day acti­vi­ties of the sto­re are ma­na­ged ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly;

Main­tain di­rect con­tact with cu­s­to­mers and as­sist them to en­s­u­re a po­si­ti­ve shop­ping ex­pe­rien­ce;

Or­der mer­chan­di­se and en­s­u­re that stock le­vels are main­tai­ned; Ma­na­ge de­li­ve­ries and en­s­u­re that wa­re­hou­se acti­vi­ties are being ma­na­ged pro­per­ly;

Hand­le cash re­gis­ters and o­ver­see pay­ment acti­vi­ties; En­s­u­re that the qua­li­ty of all dis­play­ed pro­ducts is up to the mark; En­s­u­re sto­re se­cu­ri­ty by coor­di­na­ting the ef­forts of se­cu­ri­ty per­son­nel and o­ver­seeing se­cu­ri­ty sy­s­tems;

Main­tain a­wa­re­ness of mar­ket trends and com­pe­ti­ti­on to en­s­u­re ex­cel­len­ce in cu­s­to­mer ser­vi­ces;

Re­spond to cu­s­to­mers’ com­plaints and dif­fu­se cri­ti­cal si­tu­a­ti­ons; Stock ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on;

Su­per­vi­se the acti­vi­ties of sto­re em­ploy­ees to en­s­u­re that they are wor­king in ac­cor­dan­ce to the sto­re’s po­li­cies and pro­to­cols; Ma­ke su­re that e­ach em­ploy­ee is de­li­ve­ring the hig­hest le­vel of cu­s­to­mer ser­vi­ce;

As­sign job du­ties to e­ach em­ploy­ee and en­s­u­re that the­se du­ties are being car­ried out pro­per­ly;

S­taff de­ve­lop­ment e­na­bling them to work pro­per­ly in a re­tail en­vi­ron­ment.


• I­de­al­ly ha­ve a­cqui­red a se­ni­or cer­ti­fi­ca­te;

• 5 y­e­ars’ in­du­stry re­la­ted ex­pe­rien­ce of which at le­ast 2 y­e­ars

should be midd­le ma­na­ge­ment ex­pe­rien­ce;

• Ex­pe­rien­ce in IQ or si­mi­lar POS Sy­s­tems

• A fi­nan­ci­al back­ground and un­der­stan­ding of fi­nan­ci­al struc­tu­res

could be be­ne­fi­ci­al;

• MS Of­fi­ce (Ex­cel, Word, Po­wer Point).

• At Le­ast a Co­de 08 dri­vers li­cen­se


• A Com­pe­ti­ti­ve mar­ket re­la­ted packa­ge,

• Pro­vi­dent Fund;

Clo­sing da­te: 19 Oc­to­ber 2017 @ 12:00

Should you meet the re­qui­re­ments for this po­si­ti­on, ple­a­se ap­ply

with your CV and a let­ter of ap­pli­ca­ti­on to The Hu­man Re­sour­ces As­sis­tant Manager, Mon­te­go Hol­dings,


Cor­re­spon­den­ce will on­ly be con­ducted with short lis­ted can­di­da­tes. •

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