Bur­gla­ries do­wn, pet­ty thefts up

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GRAAFF-REINET — Graaff-reinet was spa­red from no­ta­ble se­ri­ous cri­me in­ci­dents for the week of Oc­to­ber 16 to 23 re­ports po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son, W/O Ger­rie van Rooy­en.

T­he­re was a no­ta­ble do­wn­ward t­rend of bur­gla­ries in the town sec­tor whi­le bur­gla­ries we­re re­por­ted in Kap­per­tjie S­treet in As­her­vil­le, Hi­bis­cus S­treet in San­ta­vil­le and Pro­tea S­treet in Kroon­va­le. Pet­ty thefts re­main a pro­blem and ha­ve been re­por­ted from all o­ver the po­li­cing pre­cinct.

The spa­re w­heels of vehi­cles we­re sto­len in the Pick n Pay par­king a­rea on Sa­tur­day, Oc­to­ber 21, and in East S­treet in Kroon­va­le on the sa­me day.

On the mor­ning of T­hurs­day, Oc­to­ber 19, child­ren wal­king in the moun­tai­nous a­rea of U­ma­si­zak­he ca­me a­cross a skull that ap­pea­red to be that of a hu­man. The re­mains we­re ta­ken to the lo­cal mor­tu­a­ry w­he­re it was in fact i­den­ti­fied as hu­man re­mains. An in­quest has been o­pe­ned for furt­her in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

The lo­cal Cri­me P­re­ven­ti­on U­nit un­der the com­mand of Capt Niel Co­lyn de­alt d­rug traf­ficking a ma­jor blow w­hen the U­nit con­ducted a se­arch o­pe­ra­ti­on at a ta­vern in Du P­les­sis S­treet in Kroon­va­le on T­hurs­day, Oc­to­ber 19. The mem­bers un­co­ve­r­ed a sub­stan­ti­al a­mount of dag­ga and cash stas­hed in­si­de the pre­mi­ses. It was al­so found that the o­w­ner fai­led to sa­fe­guard his per­so­nal fi­re­arm in ac­cor­dan­ce with the pro­vi­si­ons of the Fi­re Arms Act. A 9mm pis­tol and 44 rounds of am­mu­ni­ti­on we­re con­fis­ca­ted. A 62-y­e­ar-old man was ar­res­ted for the pos­ses­si­on of dag­ga and fi­re­arm-re­la­ted of­fen­ces and ap­pea­red in the lo­cal ma­gi­stra­tes’ court on F­ri­day, Oc­to­ber 20.

The lo­cal Cri­me P­re­ven­ti­on U­nit un­der the com­mand of Capt Niel Co­lyn de­alt d­rug traf cking a ma­jor blow this past wee­kend in Graaff-reinet.

The con sca­ted d­rugs.

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