Graaff-rei­net re­si­dents and vi­si­tors are in­vi­ted to peek in­to the per­so­nal col­lecti­ons of mo­re than 40 col­lec­tors

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — On Sa­tur­day, No­vem­ber 11, a very spe­ci­al e­vent will be ma­king pri­va­te­ly o­w­ned col­lecti­ons acces­si­ble to the pu­blic for one day on­ly.

Graaff-rei­net’s first e­ver Col­lecti­on Fair - to be held at the Bo­ta­ni­cs S­ports Grounds - will see 1000s of col­lec­ta­bles being exhi­bi­ted by pas­si­o­na­te col­lec­tors of all per­su­a­si­ons.

The e­vent pro­mi­ses to fu­se an e­clectic mix of in­ter­t­wi­ned in­te­re­sts, which should be of in­te­rest to young and old, with col­lec­ta­ble tre­a­su­res ran­ging from dolls to kni­ves, mo­del trains to toy cars and e­ver­y­thing in be­t­ween being a­vai­la­ble to view in the two halls at the Bo­ta­ni­cs on this day.

Ac­cor­ding to the or­ga­ni­sers, the ti­me is rig­ht for Graaff-rei­net to host such an in­clu­si­ve and com­pre­hen­si­ve e­vent with the in­te­rest in the e­vent from the town’s ma­ny col­lec­tors, being sig­ni­fi­cant so far.

“The age of the col­lec­tor is most cer­tain­ly u­pon us,” said one of the or­ga­ni­sers. “The aim of the e­vent is to cre­a­te an au­then­tic plat­form for young and old to share in their vas­t­ly dif­fe­rent yet con­nected in­te­re­sts.”

Most of the exhi­bi­tors are lo­cals, but, ac­cor­ding to the or­ga­ni­sers, the­re will be exhi­bi­tors from neig­hbou­ring towns and pla­ces as far a­field as Port E­li­za­beth and George as well.

“This e­vent is all-en­com­pas­sing. We ha­ve This 1940 Buick 41C Con­ver­ta­ble will be one of ma­ny ra­re and beau­ti­ful cars on show at Graaf­fRei­net’s very rst Col­lec­tors Fair. mo­re than 40 dis­plays al­to­get­her, so­me fe­a­tu­ring the mo­re ‘tra­di­ti­o­nal’ col­lecti­ons, such as an­ti­que bi­bles and tins, whi­le ot­hers are dis­playing mo­re mo­dern col­lecti­ons such as puz­z­les and w­hi­te e­na­mel i­tems,” said Cor­nie Jan­sen, one of the or­ga­ni­sers.

An im­pres­si­ve col­lecti­on of mo­re than 50 clas­sic and vin­ta­ge vehi­cles will al­so be exhi­bi­ted on the Bo­ta­ni­cs’ rug­by field.

An ad­ded at­tracti­on on the day is a car boot sa­le which will be held in the par­king a­rea at Bo­ta­ni­cs.

He­re tens of stalls can be pe­ru­sed throug­hout the mor­ning w­he­re a lot of qua­li­ty i­tems will be on sa­le. Ni­co­lien Went­zel’s im­pres­si­ve col­lecti­on of dolls can al­so be vie­wed at the u­p­co­ming col­lecti­on fair.

For furt­her in­for­ma­ti­on on this e­vent, send the or­ga­ni­sers an e-mail at kan­toor@gk­graaff­rei­

Ple­a­se no­te: En­try is free to at­tend the boot sa­le - an en­try tic­ket will need to be pur­cha­sed to en­ter the Col­lec­tors Fair. The­se are a­vai­la­ble on the day at on­ly R30 for a­dults and R20 for child­ren un­der the age of 14.

- All mo­nies rai­sed by the e­vent is in aid of the Re­for­med C­hurch in Graaff-rei­net.

- Dee Mal­kin­son of Port E­li­za­beth will be of­fe­ring va­lu­a­ti­ons on i­tems be­t­ween 09:00 and 11:00 on the day. If you ha­ve so­mething you con­si­der to be of va­lue, bring it in to ha­ve it va­lu­ed at on­ly R10 per i­tem. Bob van Log­ge­ren­berg is van klein dae af mal oor trei­ne en van­dag be­sit hy ‘n groot ver­sa­me­ling mo­del trein­tjies wat op 11 No­vem­ber ty­dens Graaff-rei­net se eer­ste Ver­sa­me­laar­skou te sien sal wees.

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