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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The Ka­roo OGKK (O­ki­na­wan Go­ju Ryu Ka­ra­te Kyo­kai) do­jo ba­sed in Graaff-rei­net has en­ded the gra­ding y­e­ar on yet a­not­her high no­te.

The Oc­to­ber gra­ding was con­ducted on Sa­tur­day, Oc­to­ber 21, by Sen­sei Jan­nie le Gran­ge (7th Dan) and his wi­fe Sen­sei Bet­sie le Gran­ge (6th Dan) from the Sout­hern Ca­pe Go­ju Ryu Do­jo, in George, WC.

Sen­sei Jan­nie and Sen­sei Bet­sie and se­ven of the George Se­ni­or S­tu­dents at­ten­ded the OGKK Gas­hu­ku (trai­ning ses­si­on) in O­ki­na­wa, Ja­pan, in Ju­ly this y­e­ar, w­he­re Sen­sei Jan­nie was a­war­ded his 7th Dan in Go­ju Ryu Ka­ra­te.

Ea­ger to share so­me of the fi­ner de­tails of the techni­ques, they spent an hour be­fo­re both the ju­ni­or (7 to 13y­e­ars) and se­ni­or (14 and ol­der) gra­ding groups con­ducting a trai­ning ses­si­on with the ea­ger Graaff-rei­net s­tu­dents.

Sa­tur­day’s gra­ding saw 30 s­tu­dents put through their pa­ces with four se­ni­or s­tu­dents being a­war­ded their Oran­ge Belt and e­ver­yo­ne pro­cee­ding to a hig­her le­vel.

A­part from Ka­ra­te (me­a­ning emp­ty hand in Ja­pa­ne­se) O­ki­na­wa is al­so kno­wn for its trai­ning in the use of tra­di­ti­o­nal we­a­pon­ry (Ryukyu Ko­bu­do) and on Sa­tur­day, Ne­vil­le Jo­nes was a­war­ded his 2nd Kyu Bro­wn Belt af­ter success­ful­ly com­ple­ting his gra­ding in the first three of eig­ht tra­di­ti­o­nal we­a­pons, na­me­ly Bo, Sai and Nun­cha­ku.

His gra­ding ses­si­on was con­ducted in front of his ka­ra­te s­tu­dents and their pa­rents - a­not­her first for Graaff-rei­net.

Sen­sei Jan­nie on­ce a­gain con­g­ra­tu­la­ted the Ka­roo OGKK on its ex­cel­lent stan­dard and ex­pres­sed the wish that by the start of 2018 Ryukyu Ko­bo­du trai­ning ses­si­ons will ha­ve star­ted in Graaff-rei­net. All the Ka­roo OGKK s­tu­dents an­ked on the left by Sen­sei Jan­nie le Gran­ge and Sen­sei Bet­sie le Gran­ge and on the rig­ht by Sen­sei Ne­vil­le Jo­nes. P­ho­to: Lee-an­ne Jo­nes. Ne­vil­le Jo­nes being a­war­ded his Bro­wn Belt Cer­ti ca­te from Sen­sei Bet­sie le Gran­ge (left) and Sen­sei Jan­nie le Gran­ge (rig­ht). P­ho­to: Lee-an­ne Jo­nes.

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