On-de­mand laund­ry and ho­me cle­a­ning ser­vi­ce laun­ched in Graaff-rei­net

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces, an on-de­mand laund­ry and ho­me cle­a­ning star­tup which of­fers ho­me cle­a­ning or free laund­ry pickup and drop off, was laun­ched in Graaff-rei­net a cou­ple of mont­hs ago.

Foun­ded by a for­mer po­li­ce of­fi­cer, An­ge­la Maton­do­lo, Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces pro­mi­ses con­ve­nien­ce, qua­li­ty and re­li­a­bi­li­ty for its laund­ry and ho­me cle­a­ning

Ha­ving mo­ved he­re from A­de­lai­de and ser­ving se­ven y­e­ars as a in­ves­ti­ga­ting of­fi­cer, An­ge­la has al­ways dre­amt of o­w­ning her own bu­si­ness and left the po­li­ce ser­vi­ce to per­sue this dre­am. Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces’ four key ser­vi­ces are:

Laund­ry ser­vi­ces

From just R100 per laund­ry bas­ket, An­ge­la will pick up, wash, i­ron and re­turn.

Car­pet cle­a­ning:

An­ge­la and staff will co­me to your pre­mi­ses, cle­an car­pets and loun­ge sui­tes as re­qui­red.

Com­mer­ci­al and do­mes­tic cle­a­ning:

Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces of­fer a 4- to 8 hour­ly day cle­a­ning ser­vi­ce as well as monthly do­mes­tic and com­mer­ci­al cle­a­ning con­tracts.

Cle­a­ning ma­te­ri­als:

Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces sell a wi­de ran­ge of cle­a­ning ma­te­ri­als at com­pe­ti­ti­ve pri­ces. Free de­li­very in Graaff-rei­net.

The bu­si­ness is re­gis­te­red on the Cen­tral Sup­plier Da­ta­ba­se and BEE Accre­di­ted, they al­so vet all staff to en­s­u­re the client’s pe­a­ce of mind.

A­nyo­ne wis­hing to find out mo­re can con­tact An­ge­la at 072 258 4985 for free quo­tes or e-mail Ka­roo Cle­a­ning Ser­vi­ces at ka­roocle­a­ningser­vi­ce@gmail.com

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