Gar­lic Har­vest par­ty fun for all

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NIEU-BET­HES­DA — Bar­man Boe­tie's gar­lic was har­ves­ted re­cent­ly, and pe­op­le from far and ne­ar gat­he­red at 'Die Ram­stal' pub last F­ri­day to on­ce a­gain ce­le­bra­te this o­dorous bulb.

Rus­tic ta­bles we­re la­den to ca­pa­ci­ty with ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly cre­a­ti­ve dis­hes - all con­tai­ning Boe­tie's gar­lic which he had ma­de a­vai­la­ble du­ring the week. Vic­to­ria and Lee­an­ne ca­re­ful­ly pla­ted plat­ters of vegan gar­lic sus­hi whi­le muf­fin trays fil­led with snails swim­ming in gar­li­cy but­ter we­re so­a­ked up with fin­gers of fresh w­hi­te bre­ad.

Gar­lic and as­pa­ra­gus tarts, pe­a­nut ca­ra­mel co­a­ted clo­ves, gar­li­cy chic­ken li­ver pa­te, gar­lic pas­ta sa­lad and e­ven gar­lic in­fu­sed cho­co­la­te muf­fins we­re all the or­der of the day! The fe­ast con­ti­nu­ed well in­to the nig­ht as pe­op­le con­ti­nu­ed to ar­ri­ve - e­ach ti­me with a fas­ci­na­ting, beau­ti­ful­ly a­ro­ma­tic pla­te of food.

The vil­la­ge dogs gam­bol­led un­der­foot, licking up fal­len scraps, and a jo­vi­al at­mos­p­he­re fil­led this cha­rac­ter-fil­led pub. Gu­e­sts spilt out­si­de on­to the la­wn o­ver­look­ing the Gats ri­ver­bed and the ne­ar­ly full moon ro­se a­bo­ve this tiny litt­le vil­la­ge w­he­re gre­at t­hings hap­pen! Bar­man Boe­tie Be­ster with a hand­ful of his gar­lic.

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