Groot­fon­tein S­tu­dent Me­ri­no Pro­ducti­on U­nit – a look back at 2017

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MID­DEL­BURG – The Groot­fon­tein S­tu­dent Me­ri­no Pro­ducti­on U­nit, un­der su­per­vi­si­on of Wil­lie van Heer­den, had an ex­cel­lent y­e­ar.

As a fi­nal to­ken of ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on for their loy­al­ty to­wards me­ri­nos, the stu­dents re­cei­ved a ge­ne­rous spon­sor from South A­fri­ca’s MEGA Far­mer of 2011, BP G­rey­ling from Wak­ker­stroom.

As 2011 was Groot­fon­tein’s cen­te­na­ry, t­he­se i­tems of clo­thing will al­so ha­ve spe­ci­al me­mo­ries to the stu­dents w­hen they le­a­ve Groot­fon­tein within three weeks, af­ter their di­plo­ma ce­re­mo­ny on De­cem­ber 1. Ac­cor­ding to G­rey­ling, the se­cret of his success­ful far­ming lies not on­ly in the far­mer him­self, but al­so in the pe­op­le on the farm. This se­cret is al­so re­sem­bled in the Groot­fon­tein S­tu­dent Me­ri­no Pro­ducti­on U­nit, w­he­re “Oom Wil­lie”, Hen­drik and the 12 stu­dents u­ni­te and farm not on­ly for them­sel­ves, but as a group to com­pi­le the success of this u­nit. So­me of their a­chie­vements and ex­pe­rien­ces of this y­e­ar we­re the Vel­dram sa­les in Ja­nu­a­ry w­he­re they sold four rams for a re­cord high pri­ce, a la­pa­rosco­pic ar­ti­fi­ci­al in­se­mi­na­ti­on cour­se which was pre­sen­ted by Dr Frans Joos­te, vi­sits to the Nau­dé Brot­hers, E­ric and S­te­fan Nau­dé and they al­so at­ten­ded the Land­bou­week­blad & Voer­mol Far­mers day for SA’S Far­mer of the Y­e­ar, Ju­li­an Sout­hey. A­not­her high­lig­ht on their ca­len­dar for 2017 was w­hen so­me of the u­nits ba­les of ram lamb wool a­chie­ved one of the top 10 pri­ces per ki­lo­gram du­ring the Sep­tem­ber/oc­to­ber BKB Wool aucti­ons in Port E­li­za­beth. Groot­fon­tein S­tu­dent Me­ri­no Pro­ducti­on U­nit would al­so li­ke to kind­ly thank their loy­al friends in die Me­ri­no In­du­stry: BKB who spon­sors the pro­ducti­on u­nit e­ver y­e­ar with clo­thing as well as Me­ri­no SA who sup­ports them throug­hout the y­e­ar.

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