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NIEU-BET­HES­DA — To ste­am lo­co­mo­ti­ve dri­vers, the Loots­berg peaks of the S­neeu­berg moun­tains ne­ar Nieu-bet­hes­da we­re a fa­bled pla­ce, w­he­re steep gra­dients and turns de­man­ded the ut­most skill and con­cen­tra­ti­on.

The trains sel­dom run this track be­t­ween Mid­del­burg and Graaff-reinet no­wa­days, but T­wee­fon­tein farm­hou­se u­sed to be within e­ars­hot of the chuff and toot of the old ste­am gi­ants.

So­me lucky pe­op­le still pos­sess the clas­sic pho­to­graph of a Gar­ratt ste­a­ming up the sno­wy sout­hern Àank of the Loots­berg pass, whi­le in­si­de, the di­ning car full of pas­sen­gers sits do­wn for lunch. T­wee­fon­tein farmste­ad lies in the lap of the Loots­berg, the to­we­ring i­ronsto­ne krant­zes be­hind it.

First built in 1863, it has cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cal­ly wi­de­be­a­med y­el­low­wood Àoors and high ton­gue­and-groo­ve wooden cei­lings.

The old buil­ding ne­ar­ly fell a­part af­ter being unin­ha­bi­ted for 80 y­e­ars, but farm o­w­ners Jus­tin and Lie­sl King­will ha­ve just com­ple­ted a lo­ving re­sto­ra­ti­on of the old farmste­ad and T­wee­fon­tein li­ves a­gain, this ti­me as a sump­tu­ous­ly ap­poin­ted farm­stay.

The farm­hou­se com­bi­nes mo­dern com­fort with tra­di­ti­o­nal Ka­roo charm.

It is spa­ci­ous, with four be­drooms, two bathrooms, a well-ap­poin­ted mo­dern kit­chen (which in­clu­des a dishwas­her and e­ven a wa­shing ma­chi­ne), three in­ti­ma­te loun­ges (one with Dstv), a glo­ri­ous ¿re­pla­ce, and a braai a­rea out­si­de. The­re are views o­ver the o­pen Ka­roo veld, the moun­tains, the sheep and the red Bons­maraan­gus catt­le.

This is the per­fect pla­ce to com­ple­te­ly re­lax for days on end. But it al­so lends it­self to long walks or moun­tain bi­king al­ong jeep tracks and farm ro­ads.

The old Blaau­wa­ter rai­l­way si­ding is a short dri­ve a­way.

Bi­rd­li­fe in­clu­des wa­ter­bi­rds at the ne­ar­by dam, kor­haans, va­ri­ous Ka­roo larks, and bus­tards. T­wee­fon­tein is al­so part of a con­ser­van­cy pro­tecting blue cra­nes and they are of­ten seen and he­ard.

The land forms part of Blaau­wa­ter Farm, which has been in the King­will fa­mi­ly for four ge­ne­ra­ti­ons.

Lie­sl and Jus­tin King­will ha­ve al­so con­ver­ted part of an old wa­gon­hou­se ne­ar their ga­bled ho­me in­to com­for­ta­ble, sty­lish ac­com­mo­da­ti­on for cou­ples or a small fa­mi­ly.

The Wa­gon­hou­se o­ver­looks a sheep pad­dock, and sleeps four. Both T­wee­fon­tein and the Wa­gon­hou­se are ful­ly e­quip­ped for self­ca­te­ring, but you could al­so pre-or­der Lie­sl’s ge­ne­rous braai­packs, pie (chic­ken or ve­nison) with sa­lad, and koek­sis­ters for pud­ding.

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