Aberdeen Full Ser­vi­ce S­chool a­wards its top a­chie­vers

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ABERDEEN — Aberdeen Full Ser­vi­ce S­chool (still kno­wn to most pe­op­le as Aberdeen P­ri­ma­ry S­chool) held its an­nu­al di­plo­ma ce­re­mo­ny last F­ri­day.

Te­a­cher Kar­la R­hee­der, as pro­gram­me di­rec­tor, en­su­red the smooth-run­ning of the e­vent with good plan­ning and or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on.

Pa­rents and le­ar­ners gat­he­red in the quad, thank­ful that it was not yet the full he­at of sum­mer. In most pre­vi­ous y­e­ars, the ce­re­mo­ny has been held in the s­chool hall, but as the­re is in­suf­fi­cient s­pa­ce for all the le­ar­ners and pa­rents, the de­ci­si­on was ma­de to hold the ce­re­mo­ny out­si­de.

Af­ter the o­pe­ning and wel­co­me, a rat­her ner­vous gra­de 2 class per­for­med an i­tem, which was en­joy­ed by the pa­rents. The gra­de R child­ren al­so en­ter­tai­ned the au­dien­ce be­fo­re all re­cei­ved their di­plo­mas, with much acti­vi­ty from the pa­rents and their ca­me­ras!

Te­a­cher E­li­se Dar­ries ex­plai­ned the cri­te­ria u­sed for a­war­ding pri­zes to the ot­her gra­des, and the success­ful le­ar­ners from gra­des 1 to 3 we­re pre­sen­ted with their cer­ti­fi­ca­tes by their class te­a­chers. As well as cer­ti­fi­ca­tes for a­chie­vement, re­gu­lar s­chool at­ten­dan­ce was al­so re­war­ded.

Fol­lo­wing this, p­rin­ci­pal Jo­han Min­naar ga­ve his re­port, men­ti­o­ning so­me of the ge­ne­ral chal­len­ges fa­ced in e­du­ca­ti­on at the mo­ment. He was ple­a­sed to re­port that the s­chool is for­tu­na­te not to ha­ve a pro­blem with drugs and al­co­hol. One te­a­cher, Ly­dia Koop­man, has been on long-term sick le­a­ve sin­ce A­pril, but the s­chool’s go­ver­ning bo­dy has been a­ble to em­ploy a re­ti­red te­a­cher to co­ver for her. The s­chool has three va­can­cies for non-te­a­ching staff ( a full-ti­me se­cre­ta­ry and two ge­ne­ral wor­kers), and they are wai­ting for ap­point­ments to be ma­de in t­he­se po­si­ti­ons by the De­part­ment of E­du­ca­ti­on in li­ne with the re­com­men­da­ti­ons of the SGB.

Min­naar ex­plai­ned to the pa­rents a­bout the na­me chan­ge of the s­chool and poin­ted out so­me of the in­fra­struc­tu­re chan­ges that ha­ve been ma­de to ac­com­mo­da­te le­ar­ners with phy­si­cal di­sa­bi­li­ties.

One of the big­ge­st con­cerns for the staff is ab­sen­teeism, which is a chro­nic pro­blem with so­me le­ar­ners. This is es­pe­ci­al­ly true a­round the ti­me of the SASSA pa­youts, and Min­naar ad­mit­ted to the chal­len­ge of re­a­ching the pa­rents of tho­se child­ren. He stres­sed that the be­st pre­sent that any pa­rent can gi­ve their c­hild is a good e­du­ca­ti­on, as a we­a­pon to o­ver­co­me po­ver­ty.

The a­wards we­re then pre­sen­ted to the gra­de 4 to 7 le­ar­ners, with a­wards being pre­sen­ted for e­ach sub­ject.

Af­ter this ca­me the s­ports a­wards, one of the most out­stan­ding being Me­land­re Kom­ba­ni’s a­chie­vements in net­ball. She was se­lected to re­pre­sent Cam­de­boo s­chools, and then the Sa­rah Baart­man Dis­trict. Me­lo­ni­que Ke­ka­na, Lee-ann F­lip­pies and Ro­bin Mackwe­na al­so re­cei­ved trophies for net­ball.

Ral­ton Heyn­se, Do­na­di­ne Bey­ers, Ge­ral­di­ne John­son, Vaug­han Win­naar and C­har­l­ton Ja­co re­cei­ved athle­ti­cs a­wards, and De­ni­co Ca­rel­se re­cei­ved the trop­hy for rug­by

For the first ti­me sin­ce its in­cep­ti­on, the ABSA trop­hy for the most out­stan­ding a­ca­de­mic per­for­man­ce in gra­de 7 was shared. Both Mick Ja­cobs and Caith­lin Klas­sen a­chie­ved out­stan­ding re­sults.

Te­a­cher Ja­nai­ne Pie­ter­se ga­ve a vo­te of thanks, and the out­going he­ad pre­fects, Ro­bin Mackwe­na and Mick Ja­cobs, both re­ad pre­pa­red speeches.

The pre­fects for 2018 we­re then an­noun­ced with much an­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and ex­ci­te­ment. Me­land­re Kom­ba­ni was re­war­ded for her success in net­ball. Me­land­re Kom­ba­ni was re­war­ded for her success in net­ball.

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