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ABERDEEN — The grounds of Aberdeen Self Ca­te­ring pro­ved to be a per­fect ve­nue for the Oc­to­ber meet­ing of Aberdeen’s Gar­den Club, spon­so­red by Star­ke Ay­res and SSK A­gri­land.

Court­ney W­hit­ta­ker and De­ni­se Hat­tingh from Star­ke Ay­res tra­vel­led to Aberdeen for the day, and both spea­kers im­pres­sed the mem­bers and gu­e­sts with their in-depth kno­w­led­ge of their pro­ducts.

Court­ney spo­ke first and spo­ke with hu­mour and aut­ho­ri­ty on fer­ti­li­sers, seeds, and ge­ne­ral gar­den ca­re. Mem­bers we­re very in­te­rested in his de­mon­stra­ti­on of the pro­per­ties of palm pe­at, a re­fi­ned co­co­nut pro­duct that re­tains wa­ter and is very u­se­ful in ma­ny a­re­as from s­eed ger­mi­na­ti­on to gar­den plants.

Af­ter the dry pro­duct had so­a­ked for an hour or so, he was a­ble to show how much wa­ter had been ab­sor­bed, which was very im­pres­si­ve.

A ran­ge of pro­ducts to de­ter gar­den pests we­re al­so sho­wn, with gre­at in­te­rest in tho­se to de­ter ants, cockro­a­ches and mi­ce par­ti­cu­lar­ly.

Throug­hout the talk, ma­ny pro­ducts we­re gi­ven a­way to tho­se as­king que­s­ti­ons, and a lucky draw was al­so held. Pac­kets of seeds we­re al­so a­vai­la­ble on all the ta­bles for mem­bers, and A­dri Ver­wey of SSK A­gri­land al­so do­na­ted a bum­per bag of pro­ducts.

De­ni­se then spo­ke a­bout wa­ter sa­ving and fee­ding plants, and ex­plai­ned the di­i­fe­ren­ces be­t­ween or­ga­nic and che­mi­cal fer­ti­li­sers, both of which ha­ve ad­van­ta­ges and dis­ad­van­ta­ges.

Af­ter a very wel­co­me bre­ak for re­freshments, Ja­d­re La­te­gan and Estel­le van Wyk then shared their ex­pe­rien­ces of ma­king dra­ped pots from ce­ment and old to­wels.

In a rat­her mes­sy de­mon­stra­ti­on, they sho­wed how an old to­wel, ce­ment mix, ver­mi­cu­li­te and pe­at moss could be u­sed to fashi­on a most u­nu­su­al pot for the gar­den.

So­me of the ex­pe­ri­men­tal “fai­lu­res” we­re al­so sho­wn as a le­ar­ning aid, with thin ma­te­ri­al that was not suit­a­bly ro­bust or ab­sor­bent being the main pro­blem. O­ver­all, mem­bers we­re very im­pres­sed with the in­gen­ui­ty of t­he­se two “craf­ty” la­dies! Ja­d­re La­te­gan and Estel­le van Wyk with their ce­ment pots.

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