Kam­de­boo P­ri­ma­ry hos­ts in­ter-hou­se s­ports day

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Me­dal win­ners and co­a­ches from Kam­de­boo P­ri­ma­ry S­chool. ABERDEEN — Kam­de­boo P­ri­ma­ry S­chool in Lo­tus­vil­le re­cent­ly held their in­ter-hou­se s­ports day for pu­pils in all age groups from 5 to 13 y­e­ars.

The day was en­joy­ed by all, with good spi­rit, and ma­ny pro­mi­sing athle­tes we­re i­den­ti­fied for the fu­tu­re.

A te­am was al­so cho­sen to com­pe­te in a Dr Bey­ers Nau­de lo­cal mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty com­pe­ti­ti­on at the Col­lie Koe­berg sta­di­um the fol­lo­wing wee­kend.

Kam­de­bo was the on­ly Aberdeen s­chool to send a te­am, and they com­pe­ted a­gainst Nar­sing­straat, Graaff-reinet P­ri­ma­ry, and Kroon­va­le P­ri­ma­ry S­chools from Graaff-reinet, Let­tie de K­lerk PS from Nieu Bet­hes­da, N­q­we­ba Se­con­da­ry, and te­ams from the Mo­re S­ter and Cam­de­boo Athle­ti­cs Clubs. The age groups re­pre­sen­ted we­re from 9 to 19.

The Kam­de­boo athle­tes all a­cquit­ted them­sel­ves well, co­ming ho­me with a to­tal of fif­teen me­dals.

Sak­hi­we Mein­tjies won the gold me­dal in both the 100m and 200m sprints in the U.13 age group for boys, and Asha Swartz won the cor­re­spon­ding e­vents for gi­rls. Ja­e­de­ne Nys­sen won the Gi­rls U.12 1200m e­vent.

Sil­ver me­dals we­re a­war­ded to Kay-lee Mark­graaf in the U.13 100m sprint, Jay­den Ja­cobs (Boys U.12 100m and 150m), C­hi­va­go Am­braal (Gi­rls U.12 100m and 200m), Et­han Job (Boys U.12 100m and 80m) and Ash­ley Wil­li­ams (Boys U.10 100m and 80m).

El­roy Rit­tels ca­me thi­rd in both Boys U.13 100m and 200m. In the U.10 age group, El­mon­do Joy and De­rou­le­ne Riet­tels both re­cei­ved bron­ze me­dals for the 80m and 100m sprints.

Co­a­ches Da­niel Pie­ter­se, Ma­lin­da Saay­man, Esto­li­ne Vro­lik and Niel Pie­naar ac­com­pa­nied the athle­tes, and are very proud of their a­chie­vements, and their good sports­mans­hip.

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