A New Year's wish


“The words we use and the en­ergy we ex­pend are of­ten the fur­thest point from what we ex­pe­ri­ence in­side.”

Those words seemed to clar­ify the tu­mul­tuous events ex­pe­ri­enced by the Gra­ham­stown com­mu­nity over the past year. Peo­ple had ap­peared venge­ful and de­struc­tive.

Yet those with the wis­dom of count­less sea­sons know dif­fer­ent. They re­mind us that some­times adults are just lit­tle peo­ple in big bodies ex­press­ing fear, anx­i­ety and hurt.

Words and ac­tions are so much more than what we see and hear.

They re­mind us that our be­hav­iour is not our iden­tity – there is far more to a hu­man. And there is virtue and good- ness within all of us.

As St Au­gus­tine said many cen­turies ago – ‘Shun the sin, but bless the sin­ner’.

With this in mind, Cleone Cull was in­vited to fa­cil­i­tate the first Des­pa­cho in Gra­ham­stown.

A Des­pa­cho is an age­less South Amer­i­can An­dean prac­tice of gift­ing na­ture in rec­i­proc­ity, rev­er­ence, and thanks­giv­ing. It is a re­minder of the con­nec­tions we share with all be­ings, el­e­ments and places.

In par­tic­u­lar, it fo­cuses on pos­i­tive in­ten­tion and is nei­ther based in religion or any par­tic­u­lar faith.

For the Des­pa­cho cer­e­mony par­tic­i­pants gath­ered at Three-Chim­neys Farm. The in­ten­tion for Gra­ham­stown and its com­mu­nity was for a New Year of heal­ing, har­mony and bal­ance.

A Des­pa­cho is de­signed to bal­ance a com­mu­nity through rec­i­proc­ity and the shar­ing of coco leaves and gifts which are in­tended to strengthen the ra­di­ance that con­nects hu­man­ity.

As sci­ence and meta­physics uni­fies and in­te­grates, an­cient prac­tices are bet­ter un­der­stood and val­ued.

Cleone Cull’s as­so­ci­a­tion with Gra­ham­stown spans seven decades, hav­ing spent much of her child­hood here, at­tend­ing Rhodes Uni­ver­sity and re­main­ing con­nected to the town through her many years of teach­ing and heal­ing.

May Gra­ham­stown and its com­mu­nity be richly blessed with har­mony, restora­tion and abun­dance.

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