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1 Lightly sand the bed­side ta­ble and wipe it down with a damp cloth to re­move all the dust. Paint the bed­side ta­ble with a univer­sal un­der­coat and leave to dry overnight. Paint with the base colour of your choice. Leave to dry com­pletely be­fore you start ap­ply­ing the sil­ver leaf.

2 Place the ta­ble on a drop sheet in a draught-free area. Use the soft, flat paint­brush to ap­ply enough size on the table­top to glue on about four sheets of sil­ver leaf. Evenly ap­ply a very thin coat of size, paint­ing ev­ery stroke in the same direc­tion. (Sil­ver leaf is very del­i­cate, so ev­ery mark or line will show through.) Leave for 20 min­utes, or un­til touch-dry but still tacky.

3 Use the sponge brush to re­move the first sheet of sil­ver leaf from the ‘book­let’ and ap­ply it to the cor­ner of the bed­side ta­ble; let the rest of the sheet fall over the area. Don’t try to lift it once it has touched the glue be­cause it will tear. Take care not to let it crum­ple.

4 Now use the wide, soft paint­brush to smooth out the sil­ver leaf. Take care not to let the bris­tles of the brush touch the ar­eas of the ta­ble that are cov­ered in glue. Let each sheet of sil­ver leaf over­lap by about 5mm. Smooth each one with the soft brush to en­sure a neat fin­ish, and also go over the ar­eas where the sheets of sil­ver leaf over­lap. Con­tinue un­til the top of the bed­side ta­ble is com­plete.

5 For the legs and other tricky places, ap­ply the size to one small area at a time. Don’t let the size col­lect in cor­ners or cav­i­ties, al­ways ap­ply­ing it as evenly as pos­si­ble. Leave for 20 min­utes or un­til it be­comes tacky.

6 Cut off smaller sheets of sil­ver leaf to make it eas­ier to work with. Smooth over the sil­ver leaf with the soft paint­brush. Re­peat to cover the en­tire ta­ble leg, let­ting the smaller sheets of sil­ver leaf over­lap as be­fore. Smooth over the loose sil­ver leaf with your paint­brush. If there are cor­ners or crevices with­out sil­ver leaf, rub some small, loose pieces into those ar­eas. Use size to glue larger pieces onto larger ar­eas.

7 Use the sponge brush to smooth the sil­ver leaf in the cor­ners and crevices. Grip the brush firmly close to the tip. Go over the ar­eas again with a soft brush to en­sure ev­ery­thing is glued se­curely, check­ing for any loose bits. 8 Use the soft, thin brush to fill in the re­main­ing bare ar­eas with metal­lic pow­der while the glue is still tacky. To fin­ish, seal the bed­side ta­ble with a wa­ter­based var­nish that is suit­able for use on sil­ver leaf. Ap­ply two to three coats of the var­nish, leav­ing each coat to dry com­pletely be­fore ap­ply­ing the next.

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