For su­pe­rior com­fort and peace of mind, in­vest in the best for your bed with Pro­tect-A-Bed® mat­tress pro­tec­tors.

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In most of our homes, the bed­room is far more than just a place to rest your weary head. These days, it’s also a so­cia­ble spot where fam­i­lies get to­gether to watch TV now that the win­ter months are ap­proach­ing, where kids snug­gle up on lazy weekend morn­ings, and even pets are wel­come!

Pur­chas­ing a mat­tress that will en­dure this much traf­fic is an in­vest­ment – so why not pro­tect yours and ex­tend its life­span with a mat­tress pro­tec­tor from Pro­tect-A-Bed®.

As the world’s lead­ing mat­tress pro­tec­tor, Pro­tect-A-Bed® pro­vides a wa­ter­proof yet breath­able bar­rier be­tween the sleeper and the mat­tress, cre­at­ing a safe and healthy sleep­ing en­vi­ron­ment. This means that even the oc­ca­sional spill won’t be a cri­sis.

The Mir­a­cle Mem­brane™ pre­vents flu­ids from pen­e­trat­ing your mat­tress, keep­ing it clean for longer and pro­long­ing its life­span. It’s also de­signed to pro­tect the sleeper from com­mon al­ler­gens, dust mites, bac­te­ria, bed bugs and other ir­ri­tants that may cause you to wake up with a stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, a sore throat, cough­ing, wheez­ing and sneez­ing.

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