An easy-to-make dog bed

Make this comfy stretcher for your pooch.

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By Shelly Bergh • Pho­to­graphs Fran­cois Ober­hol­ster


1 Clamp the PVC pipe in the vice grip and cut with the hack­saw to the fol­low­ing lengths:

• two 1m pipes

• two 600mm pipes

• four 40mm pipes

• four 150mm pipes.

2 Glue two waste bends to ei­ther side of the 600mm pipes. At­tach the 40mm pipes to the other side of the bends, and then the waste junc­tion T. Make sure the bends and the Ts are at a right an­gle to each other. You should now have two sides that look the same. At­tach the 1m pipes to the Ts to form a rec­tan­gle. 3 At­tach the sol­vent stop ends to one side of the 150mm pipes and then at­tach the legs to the Ts. 4 Mea­sure and cut the can­vas to size: 1 x 1.55m.

5 Place the PVC frame you’ve made on the can­vas. Now use the L-square ruler to mark from the outer edges of the bend and T straight to the end of the fab­ric. Con­nect th­ese lines di­ag­o­nally. Cut out this shape on each cor­ner of the can­vas. Tip You only need to do the mea­sur­ing on one cor­ner and then you can use the piece you cut out as a tem­plate on the re­main­ing three cor­ners.

6 Press a seam of 1.5cm along the edges of the cor­ner sec­tions of the can­vas. Sew with black thread to cre­ate a top-stitch ef­fect.

7 Press a seam of 1.5cm on the re­main­ing edges of the can­vas. Pin the fluffy part of the Vel­cro to th­ese edges, cut­ting it to size as you go. Stitch in place.

8 Po­si­tion the frame in the cen­tre of the can­vas; fold the edges of the can­vas over the pipes and mark. Add an ex­tra 1.5cm to­wards the cen­tre of the can­vas; this is the mark where the in­side edge of the op­po­site strip of the Vel­cro should be sewn onto the can­vas. Change the thread on your sewing ma­chine to cream to match the colour of the can­vas. Pin the Vel­cro to the mark and sew in place.

9 At­tach the can­vas to the PVC frame with the Vel­cro; you will have to stretch it a bit. Now the bed is ready to use!

Our bed is suit­able for a medium to large dog; if yours is on the heav­ier side, we rec­om­mend us­ing wider Vel­cro (50–60mm) to com­pen­sate.

Shelly Bergh

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