Make a pair of nest­ing ta­bles

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A pair of nest­ing ta­bles is the ideal way to save space.

You will need SHOP­PING LIST

• 18mm ply­wood, cut to: two pieces of 800 x 600mm (large ta­ble top) two pieces of 475 x 350mm (small ta­ble top)

• two pieces of card­board in the above-men­tioned di­men­sions

• 44 x 44mm planed pine, cut to: three pieces of 390mm, both ends cut at a 7° an­gle (large ta­ble legs)

• 35mm curtain rod, cut to:

three pieces of 330mm, both ends cut at a 7° an­gle (small ta­ble legs)

• one packet 6mm x 50mm chip­board screws

• one packet 6mm x 40mm chip­board screws

• one packet 8mm x 30mm chip­board screws

1 Us­ing the card­board, make two egg-shaped tem­plates for the ta­ble tops – one large and one small (draw them free­hand) – and trace them onto the ply­wood with a pen­cil. Now use your jig­saw to cut out two of each ta­ble top along the pen­cil line.

3 Smear wood glue on the re­main­ing large ta­ble top and place the ta­ble up­side-down on it. Screw the tops to­gether from un­derneath us­ing the 30mm screws. Fill all the screw holes with wood filler and al­low to dry com­pletely. Sand the ta­ble thor­oughly and var­nish or paint in the fin­ish of your choice. We sealed the larger ta­ble with Woodoc Wa­ter-Borne Floor.


• cord­less drill and 3mm drill bit

• jig­saw

• pen­cil

• multi-square

• wood glue

• wood filler

• 80-grit sand­pa­per

• paint or var­nish (op­tional)

• brush

2 Place the smaller tem­plate on one of the large ta­ble tops and mark the po­si­tion of the three legs – this will en­sure that the smaller ta­ble will fit neatly be­tween the legs of the larger ta­ble. Po­si­tion the legs on the ta­ble top and drill pi­lot holes di­ag­o­nally in the three legs; screw them in place with 40mm screws. Turn the ta­ble right-side up and re­in­force the legs with a 50mm screw from above through the ta­ble top.

4 Re­peat the process to make the smaller ta­ble with the two smaller ta­ble tops and 330mm curtain rods as legs. Choose a con­trast­ing fin­ish for the smaller ta­ble.

Use your multi-square to en­sure that the legs don’t stick out from un­der the ta­ble top.

QUICK PROJECT GUIDE Hard labour 5/10 Skill level 5/10 Time needed 1–2 hours Do it your­self for less than R500: wood and screws (ex­clud­ing paint) Project notes • Sand your planks be­fore­hand. • Re­mem­ber to drill pi­lot holes.

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