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Madeleine Wood­ward of Wood­stock,

Cape Town writes My hus­band was a bit hasty and painted our bath­room tiles be­fore prim­ing them; the paint is now peel­ing. Should we re­move the old paint and redo the job, or is it pos­si­ble to prime and paint over this layer?

Nonku­l­uleko Mcunu, mar­ket­ing man­ager at Du­lux, replies You’ll have to re­move the old paint be­fore re­coat­ing, since the ad­he­sion and scratch-re­sis­tance of the new coat­ing is de­pen­dent on the con­di­tion of the tile un­der­neath it. If the fin­ish­ing coat you ap­plied was sol­vent-based, then a paint strip­per will work very well. If it was wa­ter-based, use Du­lux Su­gar Soap Pow­der mixed with hot tap wa­ter and scrub the tiles with an abra­sive pad. If this doesn’t work, sand­ing is the only al­ter­na­tive.

Once all the paint has been re­moved, wash the pre­pared wall tiles with Du­lux Brush Cleaner De­greaser or a wa­ter-sol­u­ble house­hold de­greaser. There­after, rinse thor­oughly with wa­ter. All loose grout must also be re­paired prior to paint­ing. Al­low eight hours dry­ing time.

Now ap­ply two coats of Du­lux Su­per­grip; al­low 12 hours dry­ing time be­tween coats. Fin­ish with two coats of Du­lux Wa­ter-Based Pearl­glo and al­low four hours dry­ing time be­tween coats. Avoid ex­ces­sive steam, de­ter­gents or wash­ing for seven days. • Please note that this process is not suit­able for floor tiles.


Shelly Bergh, a Home con­trib­u­tor, replies I rec­om­mend that you re­move the old paint with paint strip­per and clean the tiles with su­gar soap. Then ap­ply a primer – Plas­con’s Tile & Me­lamine Primer works very well. Af­ter that, you can ap­ply two lay­ers of wa­ter-based enamel in the colour of your choice.

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